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  1. When does ASCAP levy any fees/fines to playing cover music?

    Is it just for commercial recordings or live performances that are not recorded or broadcast?

    Charging for admission? Donations at the door? Free concerts at BBQs or private parties?

    Somewhat confused, as this topic was brought up at a jam today.
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    Aug 10, 2001
    most of this in greater detail and accuracy is available on the ASCAP website.

    Players don't ever get charged ascap fees. Unless you are a member paying membership dues.

    Venue owners, if ascap artist music is available for the patrons either by live or recorded means...have to pay a usage fee.

    The exact amount is a bizarre and convoluted equation. How many hours, what type of music, seating nauseum.

    At the end of the day, what ascap charges is peanuts compared to most operating expenses most venues have.

    My house gig has live ascap music from noon til 2 am 365 days a year in a 138 seat venue. The ascap fees are a couple of grand (about the same as the electric bill for a month). The entertainment budget for that room is slightly north of $265K per year.

    My wife does events promotion and stage managing work for some fairly high profile events. A bunch of bands over a few days, lot's of people, lot's of money. she get's single event licenses as part of everything else she has to get and budget. It's an insignificant budget item. A couple hundred bucks maybe. WAY less than what it costs to rent a backline package for 3 days, or one day.

    People act like it's this huge rape, It's not.

  3. Whew! I wuz hoping the knee breakers weren't gonna show up.

    This is a non-paid gig for everyone. Live music, mostly bluegrass and Appalachian-type with flat picking, Dobro and some autoharps by non-professional players --- just for a private party.

    IF a hat were placed on the floor for donations, it would go for gas-strings and picks.
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