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ashdown 410 deep cab questions...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by resol, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. resol

    resol Guest

    Feb 21, 2005
    just a few questions on the ashdown 410T deep cab:

    - its rated at 60Hz - 20kHz - is this good for low notes at high volumes (and does the front port allow for enough air movement)?

    - hows the quality of the front grille - when i played it in the shop, the 410 seemed fine (tho i didn't get to play it at a loud volume), but the 210 combo which i played had some rattling issues. Does it hold up after years of use (and abuse)?

    - i've heard of the MDF getting cracks near the castors - is this a common problem? do i hav to worry bout the MDF quality (if i treat it relatively well, like without dropping it from 2 floors up)?

    i'd love for current users to give me an insight :)! cheers!

    my first thread by the ways... :p
  2. resol

    resol Guest

    Feb 21, 2005
    my first thread.. :crying: ..and no-one replies... :bawl:
  3. CaptainWally

    CaptainWally Supporting Member

    Oct 21, 2000
    Sandy Eggo, CA
    hey duder...

    i've posted a couple times about ashdown cabs and no one seems to have much of a scoop on them round here.

    the specs on the ABM cabs are pretty unimpressive...most 4x10 cabs go down to at least 40 hz.

    hope you get an answer.
  4. UnDoNe


    Dec 6, 2002
    hi there. i've only had my 410 cabinet 3 months or so, but so far i've had no problems with it at all. handles lows at volume very well, no cracks in the mdf and it can defo move some air. the only thing i'd say is that the corners are a bit scuffed but thats only because i put my 210 combo on top of it. very good cab imo.

    hope this helps
  5. resol

    resol Guest

    Feb 21, 2005
    thanx for the replies...good to here there are no reliablity issues, as of yet...