SOLD Ashdown ABM 410H Bass Cabinet w/ Horn

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  1. maurice 41

    maurice 41

    Jan 21, 2006
    Selling this used Ashdown 410 cab. Works perfectly. 8 ohm, 600 watt cab with switchable horn. Somewhere in the range of 80lbs. Ashdown Cover sleeve included in sale. Local pick up – Los Angeles area. $300 or OBO.

    (No shipping or delivery included in that price, but willing to ship with calculated packaging & shipping fee added)

    Ashdown details: Ashdown created their own custom speakers for the ABM series cabinets. The Ashdown ABM-410H bass cabinet houses four 10" BlueLine series speakers and a horn tweeter. These speakers deliver the power, transparency, and deep low end you need without giving up the mid attack and high end you need for modern bass tones. No matter what type of gig you have, the Ashdown ABM-410H bass speaker cab is ready for action.

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  2. maurice 41

    maurice 41

    Jan 21, 2006