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Ashdown ABM-C110-300 owners?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Spike, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. Need some advice here please.

    I already have an ABM500 rack head, which I am more than happy with and intend to keep, but I have been offered a s/hand ABM-C110-300 combo (with the new design speaker) and have a couple of questions.
    I will not be able to try it before I buy due to the distance involved, but am told it is 2 months old, as new and used only twice for recording. (Well, it could be true I suppose)

    In my quest to find a small usable rig for live work I wondered if any users find this combo acceptable volume and tone wise for gigging with just one 10" speaker?
    Also is it possible to easily disconnect the 10-inch speaker and run a 4 ohms load if required, either one single 4 ohms, or two 8 ohms cabs, or am I locked into just one 8 ohms extension cab?

    My band a fairly loud power trio, but I find I don’t need to use all of my power on the ABM500, although I normally use 4x10 with 1x15 or a single 2x15 cabs.

    It would be wonderful if a 1x10 300w combo could fit my needs, even with an extension cab, but I have my doubts.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I think Steve Lawson uses one of those. You may want to ask him.
  3. Spike I don't have an answer for you, but, I was wondering about this myself. It seems that in the past few years a number of high powered combos with small (10 or 12 inch) speakers has appeared.
    My question is: other than being very portable, why would anyone choose a relatively small speaker
    paired with a high powered head? In the current issue of Bass Player magazine, Aguilar introduced a new cabinet; it's a 1x12 cab that can handle 300watts. I can't see hooking up an SVT to this. I have a 60 watt combo with 1x12, and it does its job well, but, I couldn't imagine running 5 times the power through it assuming the speaker could handle it.
    Can anyone give a good reason for doing this?

    Mike J.
  4. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Many of these appear to actually put out half the watts rated with the ohmage of the speaker within. The earlier Ashdown c-110 combo was 300w at 4 ohms but the internal 10" was an 8ohm.
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    Yes, I think perhaps, very small with big sound might have been a bit too much to hope for.
    Had a Trace single speaker combo about ten years ago and it wasn’t quite man enough in those days.
    Was really hoping this small Ashdown just might be the one.

    As I said, I’m very happy with the ABM500 & multi cab set up, Just wondered what it would feel like to turn up at a show with Amp in one hand and gigbag in the other. :)

    I’ve got until Sunday to decide, so if any users could reply I would appreciate it.

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