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Ashdown ABM C115 300

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LAKLAND011, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. I was playing a coffeehouse gig the other day and my practice/small gig amp fried on me for the last time (I bought it in 8th grade 17 years ago so I definitely got my $$s worth out of it). I was lucky enough to have my Bass DI with me.

    Anyhoo, I went amp shopping yesterday for a combo (I cant play small gigs with my Mesa 400+) and ended up playing through an Ashdown ABM C115 300. It sounded incredible and , needless to say, I now own it. I gigged with it today and love it . I even found the Subharmoniser incredibly useable which is a surprise.

    Does anyone else own an Ashdown? If so, what are your likes/dislikes? Any problems?

    Please give me your thoughts.


  2. captainpabst


    Mar 18, 2001
    i played ashdown's 500W head with their better 4x10 in the store the other day. it kicked ass. but to my ears, the swr bass750 and henry 8x8 win out. it's all personal preference, i guess.
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Agreed, capt. I tried out their 500W, 2x10" last Friday with my regular bass. I was all set for a treat, because I liked their hype.

    The bottom end was definitely there, especially when I dialed in the harmoniser and moved the EQ from dead flat. But I was really disappointed in the top end, (I couldn't find it!; maybe a horn would do it?).

    The other thing that bothered me was the cab construction. It just didn't reek "solid" to me. The wood seemed awfully thin, almost fragile. My Carvins are the Rocks of Gibraltar in comparison. Plus, even the 15" cab I tried wasn't very deep. I guess I like ported design in most amps, except for the classic Ampegs.

    As with a Bass Player review, I wouldn't have been as critical if it wasn't for out-of-proportion price, IMO, (the high mark-up in the US). The dealer offered to let me use a rig at that night's gig, but I declined. I felt my Carvins blew them out. Then again, this was a music store tryout and I've had the Carvins for a little while. So, that has to be factored in. Maybe their custom shop stuff that Entwistle, (one of my gods), is pictured with is really awesome.

    If the price came down a bit, I would have liked them a lotbetter, because it puts out good low end considering the smaller enclosure.

    I think they will get even better over time. Even the catalog has lots of typos, and to get really nitpicky, their Ashdown apparel is a bummer because the VU meter on them indicates dead zero. What fun is that?
  4. =^..^=


    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    Heres a fairly recent thread on ashdown's http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=14722

    I think we covered most of the "it sounds like" questions.

    On cab construction my 4*10" and my 15" cabs are ported and made with 3/4" inch ply - which seems plenty to me. I haven't dropped it down the stairs yet, but the 4*10 + amp sometimes gets picked up by the top piece - so thats over 100lb and it doesn't even flex. The combo + cab weighs in at over 12 stone which is plenty of weight to be carting around !

    On to the VU meter - it takes a little while to 'dial' it in - my Warwick barely troubles it even when its in the High Gain socket - until the pre amp is about 50% and then it starts to move. Get it to about 75% and the needle zings back and forward quite happily. Or - wind it up so its regularly in the red, a little bit of treble boost on the actives and turn the grind full right for that perfect "stranglers" bass sound.

    Lakland - I've hooked up a pair of footswitches for the sub on/off and mute on/off - and wired some LED's to tell you what they're doing. Total cost about $20. If you want the "how to" send us an email :)
  5. My Ashdown is built like a tank. It has a 1x15 and I get huge bottom and even warm, glassy, defined highs. Granted, it took me a while to really understand specifically what the controls do to find my optimum setting. The instructions were very helpful as there are a couple of features capaable of drastically altering your sound like an EQ button that superimposes a pre shape. I dont really dig this and keep it switched out. I would not have known this if it were not for the instructions. If I were in a store trying this amp with the pre shape on, I would not have bought it . for this amp but i set it flat in the store and was very impressed. Of course, as stated earlier, peoples tastes in sound are subjective but I am most impressed by the size sound, construction, portability, and versatility of this amp.


  6. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    I just wonder how that compares to their C110-300. 1x15" would seem better choice for stand-alone amp and it would be nice to add 2x10"+tweeter for extra highs.

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