Ashdown ABM footswitches

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  1. Hi everyone. I realise there is a 4 button footswitch for my EVO III head. Looking at the Ashdown website they also sell a 2 button and 1 button version.
    I only need the footswitch for the sub octave....Does anyone know if the 1 button version would accomplish this? I emailed Ashdown twice with no response.
  2. My suspicion is that it won't work. Well, I suspect that one of the 4 footswitchable functions will be affected by using a 1-button switch, but not sure which one.
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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I can't find a schematic for your specific head, however it looks like Ashdown uses standard on/off footswitches, and have two connected to a TRS jack, so each jack on the back of the amp controls two functions. It *appears* from another Ashdown amp schematic (Bass magnifier?) that the tip contact controls the sub-octave function.

    Just buy a two-button footswitch and one of them will active the sub-octave.
  4. Some of the Ashodown's take a single 4-button switch, while others use two 2-button switches (my ABM 500 EVO II used the later).