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ashdown abm series

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mat gregory, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. has anyone got any experience with these heads/combos/cabs id like to hear your opinions

    thanks in advance
  2. I have an Ashdown ABM 210T 300 which I use for practise rather than gigging.

    Very good sound in a medium space. Not huge on low end (even with sub bass octiver), but very clear with good headroom for a 300 and responsive EQ.

    Quite heavy if you're being your own roadie. I use Epifani 210 and 115 UL with an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro for 'rock' band gigs. Lighter as separate parts and louder.


    If you can afford Ashdown kit it is certainly very useable.

  3. thanks very much , thats the very amp im thinking of buying , if i did id be adding a 115 cab as well to shift more air . Is it loud enough for gigs?? i play small to medium venues
  4. I have an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO.....which powers the Mini48 and Mini15 cabinets. Ooodles of low end and definitely loud enough for small to medium gigs. The 500 gives you 575 watts compared to the ABM300's 307 watts. The 500 gives you just that bit more headroom, but having played a 300 through an ampeg 8 x 10 at a rehearsal studio ,I've gotta say that even the 300 is plenty loud!

    The EQ is pretty good and offers lots of control....the Subharmoniser can be a bit of funm but I rearely use it. With the blendable valve pre-amp you can take it from super clean to nice and warm - not as fat as I believe Ampeg goes.....but still good for adding some warmth and a bit of grind to your tone! :bassist:
  5. Mat, agree with what Johnny writes. I had a Euphonic Audio rig including iAmp600. Never quite got the bottom end air shifting with the small speakers despite the extra watts. A 15 inch should certainly add that if matched correctly to the amp. Have found myself that you can get a lot of volume from relatively few watts as long as the speakers are big enough and well matched. Have tried out an Ashdown stack with 2x10 and 1x15 and it is a sound I like. 300 watts might be a bit light to cut through a loud band in a larger venue unless you put the bass through the P.A. As always, go and try stuff out if you can.
  6. GRoberts

    GRoberts Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2003
    Tucson, AZ USA
    I use and Ashdown ABM500 EVO head through a Bergantino HT322 and the sound, depth, punch, and volume are incredible. THe amp does NOT lack low end booty. That may be a consequence a smaller combo and the lesser powered head. The Ashdown ABM500 EVO is one of the best plug and play GREAT sounding heads I've ever used. It has Enough power to get the job done even on concert stages. I played on a very large stage at our local fairgrounds recently and the Ashdown ABM500 EVO never broke a sweat. I had booty to spare.

  7. I test drove the ABM300 and ended up buying the ABM 500 RC EVO II. The ABM300 was as mentioned a little light for a loud rock band playing dance halls. This is one great head. If you haven't tried an ABM out, give it a test.
  8. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    I have an ABM500-RC Evo-II- that's the rack-mount version. I use it either through a Bergantino NV215, or an Eden D410XLT... depending on the gig. I love this British made head. Truck-loads of bottom end... especially out of that 2 x 15" cabinet, and more power than I practically need. Lot's of tone shaping possibilites with the head. I've found many uses for the sub-harmonics option, and the valve drive gets pretty close to an all-tube sound... for an SS amp.

    The Vu-meter on the front is just way cool for me. It's very practical, 'cuz you can easily monitor your input levels in order to prevent clipping... but it just looks great! I also like the chrome face of the RC. Stage lights sparkle off of it.

    There are two things about the head that I would like to see Ashdown change: the lable lettering on the front is difficult to read on the chrome-faced RC, so you gotta truly know what each dial, slider and button does (but we should all know that about our amps, anyway), and the power switch is in the back, which makes it too hard to get to when mounted in a rack. I get around that problem by using the power switch on the very expensive Monster power strip I bought. However, I still think a power switch should be on the front of an amp... other Ashdown heads have the power switch on the front... :meh:

    Aloha... :cool:
  9. Where did you guys get your ABM EVO 500 heads. None of the music stores around my location have any. Anyone in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) know where i can get one please let me know.
  10. badsneakers

    badsneakers Supporting Member

    May 31, 2004
    I have a Ashdown ABM500 EVO that I use with a Bergantino NV6/10 and I love it. Lots of tone options, easy to move around and it hasn't gave me a problem since I bought it in January 05. The only thing I dislike, it is a big dislike, is that the knobs on the front are very cheap feeling and move very easily.
  11. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Didn't get to finish... had to take my wife to work. ;) One last thing I like about my Ashdown... best value for my money! I compared this amp with the Aguilar SC500, which, on its own, is a truly fine piece of equipment. IMHO, Aggies have a rock-solid reputation. However, the Ashdown stood right up to the SC500, has more features, and it cost less. I got a discounted price, and FREE SHIPPING, from zZounds.com for my ABM500-RC. A really good music store here in Honolulu had (still does) a SC500. I saved over $300 by going with the Brit head. :hyper:

    Aloha... :cool:
  12. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Obviously... I'm not going to know about Toronto... I'm in Honolulu... but, as I've mentioned in this thread, I got mine from zZounds.com. (they are in New Jersey... badabing!) While I don't know what their policy toward shipping to Canada would be... if they have a policy... I would still like to suggest that you check-out their website...

    Aloha... :cool:
  13. Darell


    Mar 29, 2005
    The Netherlands
    I use the Ashdown AMB 410T cab. It sounds really awsome and with it's 600watt (continuous) it's friking loud :bassist:.
    Also I really like the look of the cab :)

    here are some pics: