Ashdown ABM sounds fuzzy??

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    I've always has great luck with Ashdown amps but recently picked up a "new/old stock" Ashdown Abm 900 Evo III. While the right (top) speaker outputs sound amazing, the left (bottom) Poweramp sounds like there is literally a fuzz pedal running parallel with the actual signal from both outputs. Anyone else have a similar issue or insight? The dealer basically told me they can't, and to contact Ashdown who I am in some correspondence with. Not that I NEED both poweramps, but it's nice to know it is functioning as it should! 20170817_140148_atc_1506086543410.jpg
  2. Demo stock, no warranty?
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    Link Send and Return with a signal cable see if that helps.

    Insert a plug into the line input jack a few times to exercise the jacks contacts.

    Are there more sockets on the back panel?
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    Here's a good look back of the amplifier overall, and then specifically the speaker output section with the two outputs that do not work circled, which are a separate power amp then the ones above them. Going to take your advice here in a few minutes and see if anything happens! 1600-ABM900EVO3_detail04_atc_1506086543229.jpg 20171016_173053.jpg
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    Ashdown suggests a a likely short in one of the left amp's capacitors or transistor. *Shrug*
  6. Should be easy enough for a tech to track down then. Get the schematic from Ashdown and print it for your tech.

    There's a list thread of recommended techs all over the world here:

    Good amp techs!
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    But I'm hoping! And thank you for the thread link. I can have a schematic and hopefully it won't take long or cost too much. I appreciate all the help everyone
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    Thanks again everyone! The schematic and the points that Ashdown made for me work perfectly and it was fixed rapidly