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Ashdown ABM500, ABM900..which ohm for the cabs?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by C.I.aF., Oct 5, 2008.

  1. C.I.aF.


    Jul 30, 2008
    Rome - Italy
    Hi guys!!
    thank you very much for this great forum!! :)
    i need some advice.. and i need some :help:
    i'd like to upgrade my head+cabs..
    but i've got some problem..
    which cabs should i use with Ashdown ABM500?
    and with Ashdown ABM900?
    i need 2 cabs (Ashdown) but which is the right ohm to use all the power output of the head?
    ABM500 is 575w ..with ABM115 (8 ohm / 300 w) + ABM 410 (8 ohm / 650 w) which is the final power?.. .. :confused:
    the cabs run at 900w but the head is 575 w.. ..:confused:
    help me!! :hyper:
    thak guys!! :D
  2. Ashdowns *normally* produce the stated max power through 4 Ohms.
  3. 4-string


    Jul 23, 2006
    If you need/want 2 cabs, 2x8 Ohms cabs for the ABM 500, and 2x4 Ohms cabs for the 900 to get max power out of it. If only the ABM900 were bridgeable...
  4. Sounds like you need edging toward the ABM900 too, more power = more headroom = cleaner sound (not crappy solid state clipping which sounds horrible).

    Anyway you don't need to worry too much about watts, your head can be more powerful then your cabs, your cabs can be more powerful then your head, they could even be perfectly balanced. As long as you use your equipment carefully then it's all fine.

    It's more dangerous to have an underpowered solid state head then an overpowered one. If you use a lower powered amp with higher powered speakers, then crank the volume on your amp, you create square wave distortion, which is very bad for speakers, and is worse then putting too much clean volume through them.

    Like 4 string said, to get the most out of both 2x8 for the 500, 2x4 for the 900.
  5. C.I.aF.


    Jul 30, 2008
    Rome - Italy
    Thank you all guys!!
    Could you advice me 2 Ashdown cabs for ABM500 and ABM900? :hyper:
  6. 4-string


    Jul 23, 2006
    I'd go with the ABM series cabs. The MAGs are okay for the money, but the ABM amps are great and deserves quality cabs.

    I'd avoid the Classic series altogether, way overpriced and too big and heavy IMO.
  7. Don't really get the classic series either, why would you call your range of Neo cabs "Classic" weird.

    Avoid MAG though, there isn't a big difference in price compared to the difference in quality.

    What kinda music you gonna be playing with it? How portable do you want it to be?
  8. Just FYI, while the 900 sounds great, it is basically two 500's in one box. It is huge, and one of the heaviest production heads out there (28 KG or 62 pounds!!!!). Unless you are running two very large (215, 410, etc.) 4ohm cabs, the 900 would be overkill.

    If you do need that sort of huge 1000 watts of power into two cabs, there are much better options out there than the massively heavy, large, non-bridge-able 900.

    The 500 is great, and would power two moderately sized 8ohm cabs (2 x 112, 2 x 210) or one high quality large 4ohm cab (215 or 212 or 410) to volumes loud and full enough for all but the loudest gigs.
  9. alexmoore10


    Apr 3, 2007
    Endorsing Artist: Ashdown Engineering Amplifiers, Elites Strings and Cosmic Ears IEMs
    I would get ABM to go with the ABM. The Classic's are a bit pricey and the ABM are better than the MAGs
  10. I've seen these things not have enough power for heavy rock stuff on a couple of occasions, a guy I knew used quite alot of his power at band practise running 2 4x10s with it... I'm sure it has more then enough for alot of stuff, but heavy rock bass can be very power thirsty. Unless your making the most of the 900 it is a bit of a waste of money though, bit of a pity Ashdown don't make any 4ohm 4x10s, otherwise you could get a couple of those and kill at any gig you needed to.

    Got scarily close to running out of power on my "1500W" Laney head on a couple of occasions with my NV215, probably nasty rooms but neither were over 200 capacity in the slightest. I cut alot of bass too what with the NV been so big in the lows in the first place.
  11. +1 Per my post, if you are playing at volumes that require two large cabs, like 410's, then big power is warranted. However, if you are using two small 8ohm cabs or one large 4ohm cab, and find that enough, then the 900 would be a poor choice and overkill.

    If I did need that kind of power to push two large cabs to very high volumes, the 900 would be at the bottom of my list, given the stupid size and weight. There are quite a few 2 ohm capable heads that would drive the bejeebers out of 2 large 4ohm cabs (CarvinB1500, Ag DB750, etc.) that are capable of being rack mounted, and about 20-25 pounds lighter.
  12. Sorry, misread your post a bit man, nevermind.

    Anyway, alot of people seem to enjoy the Ashdown sound enough to put up with weight issues (I'm a little surprised you can't rack mount the thing, I'm sure I've seen someone who rack mounted their MAG 300, god knows why he spent so much money rack mounting a relatively cheap amp) I really like them personally, not exactly my kinda thing for heavy music, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one as my 2nd amp if I could afford one and actually needed something different at the moment.

    Mind you I'd drag a 3 ton bolder to a gig if it made my bass sound good :p

    By the way, what colour is the Jazz in your picture? I used to have a really crappy Jazz copy in Blue/Pearloid/Maple as my first bass and then sold it cos I was skint, wouldn't mind having it back for sentimental reasons.

  13. It's a transparent cobalt blue Celinder update 5. It's a pretty cool finish, since you can see all the ash grain under the gloss! They'be gotten brutally spendy though at this point.

    Yeah, the 500/900's are very cool sounding amps, so no issue there. If you don't mind the weight, and have two big 4 ohm cabs, it's surely a player.
  14. Ah, it certainly wasn't that snazzy! It was pretty much the same but painted finish, only ever seen 2 in the same overall scheme though, you and some guy in a really soft pop punk band... one of these days...
  15. C.I.aF.


    Jul 30, 2008
    Rome - Italy
    Thank you all guys!!:)
    i think that my choice will be oriented with this setup:
    head: ABM 500
    cabs: ABM 410T (4X10 ; 8 ohm) + ABM115 (1X15; 8 ohm)
    what do you think?!:hyper:
    yes or not! :bassist:
  16. chrisx666


    Oct 15, 2006
    Yorkshire UK

    Yes, perfect match. You will have the full 575W of the head available and be running within the capabilities of the cabs. I have an ABM500RC - I prefer to have the amp in a single rack case to protect the knobs in transit. It looks better too IMO.
  17. Should be able to do most things you could possibly wanna do with that setup, hope you enjoy it.

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