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Ashdown ABM500 - Ampeg SVT-4Pro ??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Larzon, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Larzon


    Jan 15, 2005
    Hi there!

    I have the SVT-4PRO, and the sound is "big", lots of powerful bottom end (nice for my B-string), but I can't get that nice "tube-growl-sound" of this amp.

    Right now, I have a possibility to trade it for an Ashdown ABM500 EVO II.

    Has the ABM500 EVOII more warmth and rounded tone (tubey-like) than the SVT-4?
    Has the ABM500 EVOII the same powerful Lows as the SVT-4?

  2. kringle77

    kringle77 Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Massena NY
    Having owned both....a few times each. I can say this for sure. The ampeg stuff all sounds the best at home. The ashdown gear works way better at a gig. I swore that I would never get rid of my svt-4. The ashdown has way more bottom end and it is a much more solid, punchy sound. They also cut through better with a band. I love the svt-4 at home but the ashdown is just a better gigging amp. It makes the low end of any ampeg sound like a joke!
  3. why not consider an all tube ampeg or such? just curious
  4. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    I agree... +1 for Ashdown. I own a ABM500RC Evo-II, and I use the over-drive feature all the time. I usually set the knob at 12 o'clock, and let her rip... Depending on the venue, I'll either blow her through a 2 x 15" cab, or a 4 x 10".

    Gotta be honest, though... I've never owned any Ampeg stuff. I once played their 300 watt all-tube classic through their venerable 8 x 10" cabinet, and it sounded alright. I believe the Ashdown offers a lot of amp for a reasonable price, and besides... it's made in Jolly Old England, for Pete's sake... Everyone knows that the Brits know a thing or two about amplification... right? :D
  5. +1 on the ashdown. My experience is limited, but I've actually prefered the tone of low grade ashdown stuff to high end solid state ampegs. They (ashdowns) sound alot more beefy and aggressive. My cheap little electric blue 15" 120 watt combo has served me well for 3 years of nonstop gigging. I'd love to hear how their more expensive rigs sound.
  6. I had a classic '71 SVT all tube ampeg, of course it ruled, but the SOB was just too damn heavy for my old bones.
    I have an Ashdown ABM EVO500 now, and I am pleased as can be with it. For a solid state amp it get's the best tube sound around. You can dial in as much of the tube preamp as you like, I set mine at 1:00. It's also affected by the amount of bass you dial in. Loads of EQ
    The sub octave feature is sweet too.
    Oh yeah and it has a VU meter, how friggin cool is that?
    Get the Ashdown.
  7. Larzon


    Jan 15, 2005
    Well, I would like to have an Ampeg SVT-II, but it isn't easy to find one.
    Aguilar DB 750 would be fine too, but they are hard to get here in Sweden.

    Okay, thanks for your opinions.

    I'll go with the Ashdown!
  8. I've got an Ashdown 500 Evo II and I love it. It shines when gigging. The Ampeg stuff served me well for many years, but the tone, the weight, and the features offered with the Ashdown 500 Evo II all makes it a preferable rig for me.
  9. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004

    How stupid of me... :confused: I forgot to mention the Sub-Octave! I use it too on certain tunes. For example: we do a rendition of Politician... Jack Bruce's tune that Cream did way back when; however, we do a copy similar to Jack's version long after he was on his own without Eric and Ginger. I'll krank-up the Sub for this song, and it sounds way cool! :D

    AND THAT FRIGGIN' VU Meter... :hyper: It gives the Evo-II, as well as the other Ashdowns that have it, a 1940's - 50's look... really old school. I love that feature! I have the RC version of the ABM500, which is the rackmount, and the face of the amp is chrome... talk about a '50s look... :cool: :cool:

    I have three knocks on Ashdown: 1.) The power switch on my ABM500 is in the back, and I just don't like that; 2.) The Tuner Out jack is in the front, and I prefer that to be in the back; 3.) The print font for all the knobs, sliders & switches on the front is way too small... very hard to read. I'll agree that, if one is very familiar with his amp, then he should know what each knob, slider & switch is supposed to represent. However, after a beer or two, or... when some of you little whippersnappers reach my old age... you'll understand that sometimes we need a little reminding... ;)

    Like "mcbass..." and "Larzon" suggest: Go with the Ashdown! Their products do, indeed, offer the best bang for the buck! I'm very happy with mine... :bassist:
  10. lowmid


    Feb 2, 2005
    I have an abm 400 combo, it rocks, wouldn't mind to have an extra 15 for more clear subs!!
  11. My knock would be the direct out line on mine is in front as well as the tuner out jack. Not sure why they did that.
    I do dig the mute switch. I use it all the time whenever I plug in or out.
    I also dig that you can send pre or post preamp to the board, nice!