Ashdown ABM500 connection question

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  1. hfc7713


    Jul 10, 2013
    Hello, I have often referred to the great information provided on this forum and I just joined -this is my first post.

    I have a question which probably gives my age away a bit !!

    I want to use my ABM500 as a pre amp for the Eden WT1000 to get more power for my Ampeg 8x10. I usually use the ABM through my Ashdown 4x10 cab for gigs and I LOVE the sound I get but sometimes I lack ooomph so I want to start bringing in the big guns! (well, big for me anyway)

    I have always been careful not to use amps when not connected to speakers because for years, we were told not to!! ( something to do with open/closed circuits) However, I read that nowadays (and for the past 20 years or so!!) virtually all amps can be used without connecting speakers.
    So, can I use my ABM500 as a pre-amp to the Eden but not have my Ashdown 4x10 connected to the speaker outputs of the ABM? I appreciate any input!!!....thanks
  2. hfc7713


    Jul 10, 2013
    I'm noticing a lot of views but no replies yet. I hope I didn't ramble on too much???
    I'd really appreciate someone letting me know if it would be safe to use the Ashdown as a pre-amp - no speakers attached. I called Ashdown in the UK to try to find out this morning (USA eastern time) but the girl I spoke to did not have an answer and said everyone had gone for the day.
  3. hfc7713


    Jul 10, 2013
    As nobody responded to my post, I just wanted to let anyone know who is interested that the information is available on the Ashdown music website under FAQs which I found this evening.
  4. Bowe


    Apr 1, 2013
    I took a look at the manual and found it a bit interesting that it didn't address the situation, but it does state that plugging in headphones cuts out the speaker.

    Should be no problem as the amp has an output that is SS and without a transformer. The problem with unloaded outputs are related to transformer coupled outputs (mostly in tube amps) and the output stage can get very unhappy without a matched load.
  5. hfc7713


    Jul 10, 2013
    Thanks for the response Bowe. It is unusual that this is not addressed in the manual and this is why I was concerned. I appreciate your
    time and will proceed with my plan!!!