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Ashdown Cabinet (1x15)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Prashant, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Prashant


    Feb 29, 2000

    I just saw a used Ashdown cabinet listed on the web for US$199. Called the dealer, and it's supposed to be in great condition.

    The cabinet is in a sister store, so he will be having it shipped to his store so that I can check it out. It's a 1x15, but he was unable to tell me which specific model. I checked out the Ashdown webpage, and am assuming that it is the MAG cabinet.

    Does this seem like an abnormally low price for an Ashdown cab? I'm trying to figure out if the dealer is an idiot, or if I may be getting cheated (price is too low...must be something wrong with it that I don't know about).

    I don't really know what their resale value is like, so any advice/info would be great. Any advice/info/experience shared regarding Ashdown cabinets would be great as well - particularly any comparisons to Eden 1x15 cabs.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Interesting--I just purchased a brand new Ashdown ABM115-200 off of eBay last week for $299, which I think is a pretty good price. So $199 is terrific. From what I can tell by looking at Ashdown's website, they don't make this cab anymore (looks like they make one with 300 watts power handling, while the one I bought was 200). Anyway, I'm using it as the only cabinet in my rig, which previously was an Acme Low B-2 and I find that I like 15s much better. My rig, Zon Sonus 5->Trace Elliot V-Type Preamp->Stewart World 1.2->Ashdown 115 reminds me of an Ampeg B-15 with more clarity.
    So if it checks out, I say jump on it!

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