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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ErnieD, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    Hi All. Well I've really been loving the sound of my new Ashdown ABM Evo 500 rc, but in mid-October it went south on me, third song of the first set it started distorting and the sound began cutting off and on. Did not bring a backup amp so had to plug my bass directly into the PA board, what a terrrible nite that was. When I took it back to the store one guy said it could be the overdrive preamp or vice versa not sure what he said actually. So they sent it off and let me borrow a new Genz-Benz 600 meanwhile. The ashdown was only 1 week short of a year old and I only used it on bigger venue gigs, so it got used about a dozen times in a year. I am really liking this GB 600 amp and I am dissappointed that the Ashdown crapped out short of 1 year of ownership. I really was hesitant to buy it in the first place cause I was ready to spend about $1200.00 and I wanted a reliable brand such as SWR 750, Ampeg Pro IV but I loved the Ashdown in comparison when I listened to it. I know electronics can go bad regardless of brands but I was extra careful when moving that Ashdown around because it did cost me so much and beause I was not aware of the realiabilty. Now I am thinking of keeping the GB600 for fear the ashdown will let me down again. The store still has not gotten it back from service in Dallas so I don't know what went wrong or when my ashdown will be ready to pick up, for that matter if I even want to pick it back up. At least they gave me GB600 to use and I also have my GK1001rbi as backup. Sorry for the long thread, just venting abit. Anyone have any problems with their fairly new Ashdown amps? A band member stated maybe the vibration of it being on top of my cabs shook it up, due to the awsome lows he was hearing. I've always set my amps on top of the cabs, could this be a problem? I can't imagine that amp would be that delicate. I do miss that big booty this amp had...sigh. :rollno:
  2. Its a pity about the problem with Ashdown, in the UK Ashdown service is excellent and will sort things in days and are happy to chat about things on the phone.

    In comparison service for Ampeg is rubbish, we get one years warranty to your 5 years, and we have to go via a third party agent repairer for Ampeg stuff.

    I think it is down to the fact that Ampeg are in the USA and Ashdown are in the UK so i guess thats the reason sometimes.

    Did any of you guys with faults email Ashdown directly and report it so they can do something about it ??

    Ashdown willingly encourage feedback whereas Ampeg do not in my opinion.
  3. Yes indeedy, Ashdown as a company are pretty much faultless if you are based here in the UK.

    I totally agree that Mark Gooday does actively encourage feedback from customers, good or bad. It is tough for any manufacturers to iron out any inherent problems if they aren't actually aware of them. :rolleyes:
  4. I had a problem with a broken jack on my ABM 500 and Ashdown shipped me the part directly from England to the US, no questions asked. I needed to have the head up and running right away and did not have time to send it off for repair. And so they told me as long as I had a professional do the work, it would not void my warranty. Of course, I had to pay for the labor that way, but some companies would have voided the warranty if I had an unauthorized tech repair it. I think that was pretty cool.

    I have read several negative things about Ashdown's reliability and service, but after a year of regular use I have had no other trouble. I was hesitant to buy the amp at first due to that negative feedback, but I am glad I did. I think most of the problems have been worked out, and, as mentioned, any electronic device is open to failure at some point.
  5. Tristan


    Jan 28, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada

    shoulda got a behringer
  6. I think not. :rollno:
  7. "*sigh*....

    shoulda got a behringer"

    Yes, get a Behringer. I have one I am working on that crapped out 1 month after warranty and Behringer will not sale the schematic to anyone except their service facility and that is one place in New York.
  8. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    I only took the Ashdown amp back where I bought it thinking maybe they could check it out in the store but they preferred to send it off to a authorized service center. The fact they gave me the Genz-Benz 600 to use until my amp returned was very cool of them, I did not even ask them. So I figured what the heck I'm golden for now, get to try out a new amp for free. I am really liking this GB 600 amp, I run it thru one or both of my cabs, SWR Goli III 4x10/ SWR SOB 1X15. This thing is pretty nice. I've always preferred a clean sounding amp and never try to use any overdrive, considering I play classic rock, blues, c&w and some funk tunes. I am getting a really tight, clean sound from the f.e.t. section and I've only dabbled with the tubes section but just at home, my ears prefer the cleaner tone. There is even a button to mix both preamps actaully alot of little buttons and lights. And yes, I will contact Ashdown Co. when my amp returns and I find out what went wrong with my amp so they can be kept up to speed on if they're customers purchases are holding up or not. ON a good note the first couple of months that I owned the Ashdown the VU meter lite burned out. Most local stores I called said forget it, we can't get Ashdown to send us anything so good luck. I emailed Ashdown anyway to which they responded back a couple days later. They sent me a free bulb straight to my home a week or so later, very cool of them. Had to open the case up and solder the bulb in. Now I'm torn between gettin my Ashdown sound back or keep the GB600 and experiment with finding more different tones that are in there. It's pretty sweet actually and it just feels like quality stuff. BTW the GB 600 is about 4 bills cheaper than what I paid for the Ashdown, maybe I can get a little store credit we'll see what happens next. Later E.