SOLD Ashdown Drophead DP-200 all tube head mint

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    99% mint, syrupy / buttery smooth warm bass head, this is a Made in England model from 2011/2012. It's an impressive studio recording / preforming amp. Comes with power cord and 1/4" to Speakon speaker cable.
    cash / e payment preferred but will entertain reasonable offers and bass related trades in the NYC area, shipping out of state at buyer's expense, be warned it's heavy (45lbs). Shipping may be costly.

    "This is a (discontinued) Ashdown Drophead 200 all tube bass amp. 6550 (4), 12AX7 (2), 12AU7 (1). It is one of the sweetest sounding tube rigs I have heard. Word on the street is it was a model originally commissioned by Adam Clayton of U2 for the studio. It is very Ampeg B-15ish with an Ashdown tonal twist. Extremely tubey and vintage/old sounding. Very warm, smooth, and huge sounding. It is 200 tube watts, but I would say the 200 watts is a bit of an over estimate. However, the character makes it plenty loud to keep up with the loudest of drummers. It gets very loud, very fast as the tubes get pushed over half.

    Here is the Ashdown description...

    The amp has been babied/ taken extremely good care of. It has Tung Sol 6550 power tubes, sovtek 12ax7 LPS, reissue genelex gold lion 12au7, and a northern electric 12ax7. Purchased for around $2K. Biased with upgraded tubes about 2 years ago by previous owner. Weighs around 45 lbs. 21 13/16" length X 7 9/16" height (add 1/2" including rubber feet) X 10" depth. Fully operational/ sounds great.

    It is an awesome amp and whoever gets it will be very happy. Ideal for recording."

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    Super cool!!!!
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    Can confirm that Thom is a great seller!
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  4. Oh wowwwwwwww...
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