Ashdown Dual Band Compression Pedal

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  1. Selling my Ashdown Compression Pedal. Picked up here a few months ago. I don't use (redundant with the Ashdown combo effects). It's a very nice compression pedal in excellent condition. I don't have actual pics of the unit (my camera is broken). I have included the stock pick from Ashdown.

    Comes with original box. I don't have the manual, but it can be downloaded directly from the link below.

    Asking $50 shipped.

    Description and links from Ashdown (

    Designed to meet the specific needs of the modern bass player, Ashdown’s Dual Band Compressor splits the signal into high and low frequency bands and applies compression separately to both – fast attack and decay for the high frequency and slow attack and decay for the low frequency or fundamental waveform of the note. The amount of compression applied to each is independently variable and the balance between the high and low frequency components of the signal is also controllable as they are re-combined into a single, full range output.

    The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and features an input level control with a trademark Ashdown VU meter to allow optimum signal matching from any instrument – active or passive. The pedal also features an output level control – essential for obtaining the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass mode.
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    PM Sent :)
  3. SOLD!!! Thanks Rob!
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