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Ashdown Five-Fifteen?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by grobbo91, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. This amp has broken down on me twice in the month and a bit I have owned it. I purchased it early January and it started distorting after a week of use. I took it to the shop I bought it from and it took like four weeks for them to fix it. They said that it was most likely not a speaker fault (what everyone on UG has been telling me) and it was covered by warranty, so it couldn't have been. I get it back just under a week ago and it started making the same distorting noise after 3 days.

    I have had a bit of a read and everyone is saying that these amps are known to have a lot of fuse problems. The guy in the shop didn't know what it was because he had to send it to a repair place somewhere else in Australia (that's why it took so long).

    Should I pressure the shop into giving me a new amplifier, or hope that the 2nd time it has fixed it will work again, or might I be doing something stupid with it?
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  3. Mate... I feel 4 U!!!!!!! I've NO experience with the Amp in question nor with warranty issues.....except for my Behringer Bass V-amp- went belly up after 6 months( during which time I'd gigged with it & used heaps of cool sounds- think Keyboard bass/Parliament sounds) So after I described to 'em what it was doing- basically lites flashing-no memory etc....- they asked me to send it to 'em{ My pay for post :-( } & then they simply replaced it! I guess I been lucky & none of my amps etc have broken during warranty time!
    With yours....... what's the Distortion like? Whens it happening? At what volume? Where are the Gain, Master Vol. levels? Where are EQ levels?

    Without all this..... Simple answer- get 'em to replace with a different amp/different make & model etc... Did U LIKE the sound of the 5-15 when it DID work?? Do U want another? What is the STORE in question here? As I'm in Aust. also I might have some Knowledge of their buisiness practises-might....!
    If U don't mind- What did U pay(AUS $$$) for the 5-15? What else is in that $$$ range?? I'd REALLY like to be able to help U here-of course I'm limited to what I can do....but as they say- KNOWLEDGE is power!!!?!?!?!?!? let me know above things if poss. Or PM me if U like!
  4. Thanks for replying. I have an Ibanez GSR 200. I would normally play with the gain and output at 5ish, with the bass at 6, mids at 10 and treble around 8. I'm trying to get a Steve Harris type tone, but it just doesn't seem to be working well :(

    I might take my amp to the music shop tonight hopefully, since it opens later on friday's. They don't have much in stock for the same price range. I was really dissapointed with the amp actually. Maybe I just have a bad bass and amp combo, but everything sounds way too bassy. Maybe I am playing wrong as well, but I really like the clanky Steve Harris/Frank Bello tone and I can't seem to get it at all. I'm trying to save up for a car, so I don't really want to pay too much more for an amp, but I don't want a pissy little thing either. Maybe the electric blue if I can get a replacement, the one with the 12" speaker. I paid $400 for the 5-15
  5. Good idea re taking it to store tonite!!!! TRY OUT a few diferent basses thru YOUR amp while there-see if it does the same thing with them... Show the store people if it DOES! If it doesn't..... put YOUR bass on the wall & walk out with another.. ;-) NO Don't -just jokin'...... Really unless U R overloading the pre amp.... try it w/ the gain lower - around 3/10 & crank the Master vol for the level- Still do it-make the distortion??? If so AND it does it w/ other basses....... REFUND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at LEAST a new amp IMHO!!! Don't let 'em push U round. I know a lotta shops 'll try & "pull the wool over your eyes" & say they can only do...blah...... when YOU would rather a full refund... Which they SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO!
    Let me know how U go!
  6. The first time I got it fixed, they played it through one of their basses with one of their leads, they got the same noise that I have right now. Would I only get store credit for the exact amount? I might not even be able to take it there tonight.

    I don't really want to get a new bass. A squire would be nice, but they are so much more expensive than the Ibanez I have. Does playing with lots of treble overload the pre-amp? Does the Phat boost (the bass takes a 9v battery) push the amp too much? I don't really see why the music shop would let me walk out with a bad bass and amp combo. I could understand the amp blowing maybe after a few years of practise on the settings I use, but 4 days is just horrible.
  7. AHHHH an active bass..... could be EASLILY overloading the pre if U R boosting the trble on yr bass a lot!!! TRY boosting it on the amp 1st. In fact LEAVE ALL your Bass's EQ flat...leave all amp EQ flat & see if noise still occurs. IF NOT, the try boosting the treble on the AMP & see how U go.... Go from there. The Bass EQ's are really to use 'on the fly' so U SHOULD be able to get a good useable tone outta the amp-with yr bass set flat 1st....then , if needed, adjust the bass EQ. TRY CUTTING the Bass a bit rather than boosting the treble. Hope U get it goin!!! I gotta Go now- got a gig starting at 7pm & I gotta finish my work 1st!!! AAAAARGAAGHHAGHAGHAGHAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will get back 2 U tomorrow! Good Luck.
  8. The pickups aren't active, only one bass boost knob is. I'll be returning the amp in about an hour or so. Hopefully all will go well and I will walk out with something nice or an order for something nicer.
  9. if the bass takes a 9v, it's active - EQ. & the powerful boosts CAN overload amps. How did u go with the amp since Fri.?
  10. I took it to the shop on saturday and it just started working again! It didn't make sense at all. It still works right now. Maybe there is a weird connection or something and bumping the amp knocks it out of or back into place. I honestly have no idea what is wrong with it. When I first got it repaired, there was obviously something wrong with it cause the guy took it in. I was kinda pissed off that I lugged it all the way to the music shop to find it working perfectly though...
  11. If I were YOU I'd be trying a few different basses thru the amp, passive ones-ones w/ NO 9v battery. And other active ones. Turn em up & down etc Play 'em hard & soft & listen carefully. Does the amp have a Active AND passive input OR a pad button for active(hi output) basses? If so try basses in BOTH inputs & observe again.
    Let us know how U go! Glad U got it going now anyway!!!

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