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Ashdown Headaches

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by trouble, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Much to my annoyance, I had to return my 2 month old Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II Head (dream amp) to the dealer after it suddenly started screaming at me in the middle of a rehearsal! Almost 2 weeks later I receive a replacement head (apparently a capacitor went on the old one). I get it home, plug it in to my Ashdown 4x10, and thankfully it works, but with a good dose of the dreaded speaker buzz! For godsake!!!

    I tried various cables, power points, with and without bass guitar plugged in, eq on and off, etc, etc... no change. How much cab buzz should one endure? (Btw, the original amp was quiet as a mouse. It also looked more insulated.)

    I don't want to turn into the customer from hell, but I'm going to take my whole rig back to dealer and see if they'd be happy with what they hear.

    Any advice?

    Maybe I should have bought that Ampeg rig after all...!?! :meh:
  2. Mike Money

    Mike Money Banned

    Mar 18, 2003
    Bakersfield California
    Avatar Speakers Endorsing Hooligan
    Send that bizatch back too...
  3. Seems to me that Ashdown dont travel very well, ive heard of many stories of damage in transit.

    Send it back and get it replaced asap
  4. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    BAMPMAN, what did you mean by not traveling well? You mean just everyday type of back and forth travel to gigs? Cause that is what I did with mine and it was in a rack case and placed on the backseat of my vehicle to and from the dozen or so gigs I used it at. One nite at a gig it had my speakers screeching at me. Has been sent to, I guess a 2nd repair center in NJ, since the first one in Dallas did not fix it. Have not seen my bought new, 1 yr old, amp since I dropped it off to be serviced in Oct. '04. Loved the sound I got from this amp but can't believe for what I paid for it that I barely got a year of use from it, man :meh:
  5. Well i guess i mean the couriers handling of the amps more so than the users. However ive seen people chuck there amps around after switching them off all nice and hot and lump them into a van or car.I guess they are fairly rugged but i handle all my stuff, cabs included as if they were made of china ( not made in China !! )
    In other words very gentle handling at all times, but most shipping companies chuck the boxes around and drop stuff and just dont care at all. Remember they are coming over from the UK ( or China ) depending on your model and i bet they get handled badly on occasions. Maybe Ashdown should pack them better ??
    I sent an Ashdown ABM300 EVO 11 new back to a northern UK store using a courier. The next day the store called and said i had damaged the amp ! it had the VU meter hanging out as was the tube and the tube holder was broken. My god what the hell did these courier guys do with these boxes play soccer with them or something.

    Sorry to hear your bad experiences please forward your complaints to Mark Gooday at Ashdown as they like to hear these things so as to prevent them happening again.
  6. The other thing to consider, and im not saying this is the case but what are these repair guys like in the US ??

    Here in the UK the amps go back to Ashdown and ive visited there place in the UK and its a great bunch of guys who love what they do.

    However when i had my AMPEG SVT3 PRO and it went wrong after 9 months i had to take it to an authorised Ampeg repairer in the UK who worked out of a small shed like building with bits of amps etc scattered everywhere, dirty and not professional looking at all. Needless to say i wasnt impressed and i sold the amp shortly after !!
  7. +1. :) :) :)

    In my experience, MG is indeed keen to hear of such experiences. It may well be that the dealer you went to is at fault somewhere along the line but at the very least you should give Mark the opportunity to intervene and, hopefully, solve the problem.
  8. MatW


    May 10, 2000
    UK, Swindon
    Sorry to hear that Trouble.

    I know we all live in a 'global village' these days and I have personally bought many things from overseas with no problems. However, one of the deciding factors for me when buying my Ashdown gear was that if the worst come to the worst I could drive it back to Ashdown and get it seen to personally. It's not always possible but there's a lot to be said for buying locally.

    As a footnote, you might be interested to hear that my head didn't work on arrival. I had to send it back but it turned out that it was just a loose valve.
  9. no4mk1


    Feb 21, 2003
    Seattle, WA
    You might want to look for an independent authorized service tech in your area. If you live near a fairly large city, you should be able to find one.

    They will be able to do warranty work without you having to ship your amp all over the world.

  10. Joe Beets

    Joe Beets Guest

    Nov 21, 2004
    That does it for me, I'm going for the Mesa 750.
  11. I was happy they didn't just "fix" the first problem, and just provided a "new" replacement amp (ie. my local, Australian dealer/importer). However, I was a bit suss with the replacement head as it didn't come in the box, no warranty certificate... just handed over to me. I reckon it even looks slightly odd - rough finish, noisy, buzz, all components very visible through the back, etc, etc. Like I said, I don't want to turn into the customer from hell, but I'm not accepting **** gear from anyone, especially at these prices. I want total satisfaction. Anyway, I'm taking it back today. May be on my third head in as many months!!! Aaaaarrgghh!
  12. no4mk1


    Feb 21, 2003
    Seattle, WA
    Yuck. Sounds like a retailer problem rather than an Ashdown problem. Don't let 'em get away with it.

  13. Well, the saga continues... I took the noisy head back to the retailer (btw, they are cool guys. I certainly wasn't implying any dodgy dealing on their part. Simply stating how I felt. I trust them 100% and will continue to shop there). Now, I'm going to get the original head back, fixed - capacitor prob. The original head was very quiet, so the dealer suggested I stick with it once it's fixed. Probably makes sense. It just seemed to have an all round better finish too. One things for sure, I will not be walking out of the shop until I hear it working perfectly. Two gigs on Saturday night, so it better deliver!
  14. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    I would like to email Mr. Gooday but I don't know what I would say exactly, my current Ashdown experience is ongoing. When my amp went bad I returned it to the store where I bought it and they told me they would send it off for repairs. That was in Oct '04. Not to totally dis Ashdown service, Dec '04, I had a message on my phone from a Mike in New Jersey asking me to call him about my amp. What? I immediately called the store here and the guy said "Yeah your amp came back from the Dallas,TX. repair center but I don't think they fixed it right" What? He said Mike is calling me cause he wanted to know how my amp settings were when it went bad on me cause it will be going to New Jersey for repairs now. What? Anyway I called Mike in NJ and he was very cool, he told me they would repair it as warranty work. Uh yeah at least, my amp was about 2 days past 1 yr old when it stopped working. Anyway last I heard my amp was on its way to Jersey. BTW, When I bought this new ABM 500 Evo II, at one month the meter light went out. Not expecting much I emailed Ashdown. Martin emailed me back, No problem I'll send it out to your home, very cool. I'm afraid after all of this back and forth handling of my amp it will return to me with the meter light blown again, no biggee, just part of my building frustration but I have to wait and see what happens at the end of this experience...geez I miss my amp. :(
  15. no4mk1


    Feb 21, 2003
    Seattle, WA
    Cool. When I bought my ABM EVO300, I made them pull it out of the box and hook it up to make sure everything was copasetic before I brought it home. It was, and it still is over two years later.

    Good luck with your gigs!
  16. I bought an ex display, fully factory warranted ABM500 Evo 11 head, and a very pimp white ABM410t (which was originally custom built for the Manics 'a design for life' video shoot. The cab had been incorrectly assembled, with an internal baffle plate not being correctly fixed causing an incredible buzz at anything over about 1/10th volume. The mute LED on the head didnt work. OK so both items were technically second hand but I was dismayed to say the least. I fixed the cab myself and sent the amp back to Ashdown, via the retailer for repair. The head came back yesterday with a lovely bright blue LED but now I can only play songs by Motorhead as the sound is so overdriven. I spoke to Mark G at Ashdown and he has couriered me a brand new amp which I should get tomorrow at no additional cost. HIs courier will then collect my faulty unit once I have reboxed it. Can't fault the customer service but I hope I've just been unlucky. (Re the cab, Ashdown said that it was built for show and that was probably why it didn't go through QA dept. Why bother putting speakers in then?) Keep your fingers crossed for me guys...
  17. you got a white ashdown 4x10? lucky.
  18. Oh my god! Just when I thought I was in the clear and my new Ashdown head was finally giving me the enjoyment I paid for, the piece of s**t packs it in AGAIN! It sounds like exactly the same problem that started this saga two months ago (capacitor). I think it's time to get my money back and buy something that's going to give me the reliability and piece of mind I deserve! I could get a new replacement ABM head, but, as much as I dig the Ashdown, I can't look at it the same way now. It's let me down two (too) many times.
  19. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Ooer, another melbournian. Go mesa, tough as nails!