Ashdown James Lomenzo Hyperdrive Review

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  1. Thanks for the clip & review. There were a few sounds on the clip that could be useful. I kinda liked the fuzziness.
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    Thanks. At least now I know I don't need one of those :D
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    Thank you.
  4. Whoah, this thing is awesome. It will totally replace my Big Muff. Anyone know where I can get one of these in the US?:confused:
  5. Hi all, I sent an e-mail to Ashdown about when the US will have these pedals. They replied with that they will available in July, but if you wanted them to ship you one they could ship it to you for $133. They told me to send my credit card number to them, but in two seperate e-mails. I think I'll just wait till July and I'll just get it for my B-day.:smug:
  6. Bump :)

    Anyone else has any more commnts on this? I read a review of this in UK bass guitar magazine (whatever it's called...), and it does seem pretty interesting. But judging from sound samples on the site above, this sounds more like a fuzz than anything else.

    I was looking for something to add a little bite to my signal (instead of carrying around a huge Boss ME50B to do this :p) as this leaves the low/high end intact, but maybe this wouldn't be for me after all... :/
  7. I've owned two Ashdown pedals. Didn't keep either of them too long. First was the bass compressor, which sounded justplainbad and then the bass suboctave, which was actually pretty OK. It had a nice, natural sounding sub that tracked pretty well. The built-in bass distortion sounded better on paper than to my ears. It was pretty limited. So while I liked it, its size and relatively narrow use led to its replacement with a Micro Pog.

    Did I mention that I got both of these pedals for $50 apiece from a major retailer who was unloading them? And I still got rid of 'em.

    Hopefully Ashdown will fare better with this one. It's not for me though.
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    w0w its awesome!!