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Ashdown Mag 250 /300 410

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Tactician, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Having been using the Ashdown MAG 250 410 for about 8 years now - I have one of the original UK built ones rather than the new Chinese manufactured - I've always been dissatisfied with the thump this produces at higher volumes (50% or more). A while ago I added an extension cab for a couple of gigs. This small cab had a Delta15A installed. Wow - what a difference. But I stopped using it because the thermal cut-out kept kicking in - the UK ones don't have a fan across the amp circuits. Nearly crashed the band everytime the bass cut out. Surprising how bad rock sounds without bass!

    Having modelled what speakers the Ashdown has installed - Sica Z00653's - I found the cab design has a huge hump around 130hz and then drops away fast. That means the response is exactly what I'm experiencing - weak low E right up to about 15 frets above that - the 42 - 100hz range. The Delta I used helped a bit but also humped at around 100hz. The answer looks like a Kappa 15A in a similar size cab (22x20x13") as the combo speaker section below the amp. Although the 3015 would be even better the Kappa is half the price and since the amp is only 280 watts I think I'll get away with the cheaper chassis. The single Kappa will give me about 6db gain through 100-40 hx range over the 4x SICA 10"s.

    Any thoughts guys. Anyone had the same problems with the Ashdown MAG 410?
  2. billfitzmaurice

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    Your not the first to find the cheap OEM Sica drivers wanting. But before putting a Kappa in there you want to model it for maximum power/maximum SPL with your amp. It's no 3015. Your bad experience with the Sica drivers should make it clear that you do get what you pay for.
  3. It looks like the smart choice is the 3015 in one of it's forms. Having looked at the cab design page at Eminence I can see why my pair of Delta 15As have been retired to PA duty - which they are very good at - but were iffy as bass drivers below abour 150hz. (Is that page at Eminence new or did I just miss it before - it shows so much of why one speaker works better than another on bass and the power you might expect to deliver to the driver without distortion - duh - why didn't I look at that before sounding off?)

    I could run the current 4 10s in the combo and an extension cab with a 3015 in stalled - but what really hacks me off is the poor performance of the Sika, 91db, across the range - there a huge 20db dip at 500hz and at 50 were down to 78.5 db. This must have been built to a price point. Model the same cab with just Eminence Alpha 10s and the increase in volume is something like 6 db - although the drop off below 100hz, pretty much the same. I wish I could affort to do that AND add a 3015LF as an extension - but were talking about $500 for that route. Looks like it will have to be the single 3015 full range speaker. But the BF Jack 12 looks like a better bet - better designed, efficient, and as I can self build almost the same brice as messing with my ashdown cab or putting a simple box around an extension 15".
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