Ashdown Mag 300 EVO II 410 Combo

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  1. I'm selling a super clean Ashdown Mag 300 EVO II Bass combo amp with four 10" speakers. Great sounding and plenty loud! 307 watts at 4 ohms. Nice EQ section with built in compressor and sub-harmonics filter. Also has D.I., effects loop and tuner out. Nearly new condition with very little use. Love the way this amp sounds but at 96 lbs it's more than I want to lug around. Asking $450. Not wanting to ship this because I'm afraid due to the size and weight it would get damaged in handling. I'm in the suburban Kansas City area. I would be willing to drive a couple hours to meet someone outside the KC area.

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    Bump for an awesome combo. I have one, too. Heavy, but great sounding!
  3. TTT
    Will consider shipping if buyer splits cost. Would also consider trade for a bass.
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