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Ashdown MAG cabs with a SWR workingman 4004? a good budget rig - yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by (hed)-less, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Hey there, just a quick post. I am currantly in the process in upgrading my rig as at the moment I just use a Laney R4 300w combo (1x15").

    Anyway, I have bought a SWR workingman's 4004 head and am now looking for cabs in my price range (my funds are pretty limited). at the moment im considering the Ashdown MAG range cabs (they are budget cabs i believe?) due to their size being easier to transport and the price is nice too!

    my main question/concern is - if i go for more ideal configuration of a 1x15" cab and a 2x10" cab (both are 8ohm) and i run them with my SWR head which is 400w at 4ohm...i should get the full 400w when using both cabs correct? The thing that concerns me is the 1x15" cab is rated only as 250w and the 2x10" is 200w...does this mean using the SWR head will damage the cabs as they cant handle such volume or should the fact that there is two cabs taking the brunt of the head mean that its fine to use cabs that have a lower wattage rating than the head?

    Thanks alot in advance to any one who offers advice, despite reading up alot in the faq I still find venduring into the world outside of combos rather intimidating and overwhelming!
  2. Ithink that sounds like a fine rig but i dont have much experience with SWR but if one speaker has a rating of 250 and another 200 thats fine because the 400 Watts would split and give (roughly) 200 wats to each cab hope that helps :bassist:
  3. ahh, i didnt realise thats how it would work..excellent..thanks alot :D ...so in having 2 cabs, you simply add the wattage of them togteher? eg 200 + 250 = 450, making it cool to run with a 400w head?
  4. Yea so you're running your cabs will not be blown good luck with your future setup
  5. nice one, cheers for your help :bassist:

    just wondering additionally - should I choose to use both cabs for gigging but only one cab (say the 1x15") for practise - if im using a 200w at 8ohm when the head produces 265w at 8ohm - will the cab get damaged - is this not adviseable?
  6. Sorry I ve been away yea I'd Say it would be fine just dont BLAST it dont go too much past 5 or 6,but yea it'll work