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Ashdown Mag210 w/ext. cab....???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by caesarbass, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. I did a gig last night and used my little Asdown MAG 210T-300 and I was surprised at the sound level I was able to hit, this little amp has some BALLS!!! I do think it was lacking just a bit in the low-low end dept. My question is what ext. cab would you guys add? I'm thinking an Avatar 112, or an Avatar 210 pro that I could use with my U5/QSC rig. What ext. cabs are you guys running with your 210 combos?
  2. Aenema


    Apr 18, 2001
    are you lookin for more thump or more cut?
  3. UnDoNe


    Dec 6, 2002
    i have exactly what you want. its an awesome rig...deep lows and puchy highs is how i like it. :bassist:
  4. I think that I want both...more thump and cut. Is that possible?
    UnDoNe-whatcha got????
  5. UnDoNe


    Dec 6, 2002
    my gear is in my sig. the eq of the mag 300 can get loads of different sounds and is really easy to dial in. the ashdown mag410 i have is a great cab and cheap too :)
    hope this helps
  6. UnDoNe-if only I would have opened my eyes...I would have seen the gear in your sig. I love the eq section on the MAG, it really works great, usually I run flat, but sometimes just activating the bass and trebele boost is all that is need. I need to check out the mag410. Your rig looks sweet!!!!
  7. UnDoNe


    Dec 6, 2002
    hehe yeah its a great stack to have behind you, looks good and sounds great. i dont even use the sansamp anymore after i messed around and got my sound together. good luck

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