Ashdown MAG300 head or EB-Lite 12-220 EVO III Combo?

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    Jul 14, 2021
    So I'm on SSDI disability, therefore a severely low budget.
    I have a Behringer BXL3000 "300W" bass combo amp. The 15" speaker in it is rated 200W. It's loud & clean, but doesn't sound great, especially in recordings.
    I'm using a Digitech BP355 with it and the only amp model on it that I love is the Ashdown Magnifier. It makes this amp sound almost great.
    So, I want to get an Ashdown amp, and here are my options:
    An Ashdown MAG 250 head, $275 shipped, a MAG 300 head, $255 shipped.
    Would I be able to rewire the speaker in the BXL3000 to use with a head like these? The speaker is rated 4 ohms and the MAG head outputs are 4 ohms. The speaker is only 200W, but I'm in an apartment and will never use it at even half volume.
    My third option is: Ashdown EB-Lite 12-220 EVO III Bass Combo, $235 shipped. The amp on this is exactly the same as the MAG heads, plus a one knob compressor. I like the compressor on the BXL3000, and the convenience of the combo amp, plus the uncertainty of whether or not the MAG heads would work with my BXL speaker, make me lean towards the EB-Lite. It's 220W, 12" speaker. I may eventually be able to afford a cab to use with the head, but not any time soon, so if I got a head and can't use it with the BXL speaker, then I'll have a head I won't be able to use, indefinitely...
    What do you think? Anyone have experience with any of these amps, and/or repurposing a combo speaker to use with a separate head?
    Thank you!
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  2. Q: Would I be able to rewire the speaker in the BXL3000 to use with a head like these?

    Yes, you could, but the Behringer is not easy to open, disassemble, retrofit for a speakon or 1/4 inch jack. And....if you don't know what you are doing, you could ruin the amp, the speaker, or possibly hurt yourself.

    I think the combo you posted is brilliant! 12 inch speaker and 220 watts for that price!?!?go for the combo. It will work well for you, give you the sound you want, and not look like a franken-box. Keep the Behringer as an add on, a backup, or for a keyboard player to use.
  3. You may be able to go out of the "send" on the Ashdown to the "return" on the Behringer and have both sound like the Ashdown. The Ashdown would control all tone and volume for the Behringer. They you have a massive sounding rig if you need it.
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    Jul 14, 2021
    Yeah, the Behringer would be good with my Arturia MicroBrute analog synth.
    I pulled the "head" out of the Behringer and discovered that it's not the head, just the circuit board for the knobs & plugs. The power conditioner is in the cab. And the cab isn't open to the "head" anywhere. The only way to get to the speaker wire would be to take the speaker off from the front.
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    Jul 14, 2021
    Yeah, the Behringer works with a plug in the send and nothing in the return. Good idea! Then I'd be able to have the actual stereo out of the BP355, too, and each amp has an XLR DI out so I'd have amped stereo DI input into the interface for recording. I actually pull this off already by putting the send from amp to BP355, left out to return, then amp DI out to L interface IN, and the BP355 has XLR outs, too, so I put the R XLR out on there to R interface IN.


    Jul 14, 2021
    Does anyone have a sound comparison between the Ashdown MAG heads and their combo amps? I guess if I used a head with my Behringer speaker it likely wouldn't sound the same as it would thru an Ashdown speaker?


    Jul 14, 2021
    The amp is in "fair condition". It looks like it's probably just because of cosmetic damage, there's a big tear in the vinyl on one side. But it's Musician's Friend, so I'd have 45 days to return it, but I'd be out the $35 shipping unless the return was for a defect. But it's probably the better choice with my situation. I don't have a lot of room in here (my bedroom is my studio, after the bed & desk & gear, there's not much room left). The repurposing of the speaker could turn out to be a mess, or yeah, blow the 200W speaker with a 300W head. The BXL says it's 300W but I recently read that Behringer tends to list the peak wattage instead of RMS. It would explain why a 300W amp has a 200W speaker in it.
    Also, recording bass amp with a mic: I just got a Sennheiser e 902 bass mic and it's got the rumble and the clear, crisp highs when I put it on the 15" amp. There tends to be a bit much low frequency resonance, though. I'm wondering if the 12" speaker might sound better thru the mic...
    And if the BXL is only 150W RMS, then the 220W amp will probably have more clarity at lower volumes?

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    Jul 14, 2021


    Jul 14, 2021

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  10. I have purchased from GC online, had things shipped, not like it and returned it to the store in person. They refunded me my $45.00 for shipping as well.
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    Jul 14, 2021
    Really? Was it new or used? Most new stuff is usually free shipping. I got a used, cheap guitar and it was just too cheap and had bad intonation, a really bad G string. $25 shipping. Returned that in-store and didn't get shipping refunded, and they put new strings on it and put it on the wall for sale as NEW! $60 more than I paid for it used. Couldn't believe it.
    Then I got a used Epi LP Modern for $500, $25 shipping, came in a hard case, perfect condition, except for the horrendous back-bow! Returned that in-store, didn't get shipping refunded, but I called later when I realized that and then they gave me that $25 back. I wanted that one, but how does something get put in a box and sold for $500 in that condition? Decided that I won't buy guitars from them anymore. Same thing happened 11 years ago, was buying basses in-store, got a $700 Ibanez with a back-bow, then got a van & decided to travel, so I got a $400 acoustic bass, back-bowed! They're good for everything else, though, can't beat the prices, but in-store they never have anything anymore. I'm in Beaverton, OR, so this might not be true elsewhere.
  12. I've never had GC refund shipping on used stuff I've returned unless there was an issue with the item.
  13. This isn't quite what you asked, but I have a MAG300 combo and would rather have it as a head. The cabinet and speaker weigh a ton and sound kind of muffled and dull. I have run the amplifier through two or three other cabinets and they all sounded better than the stock one. One of these days I will move the amp into a head cabinet and throw away the original combo cab.
  14. Just between you and me, use the digitechBP355 as a digital interface in to your recorder. You don’t really need an amp. Save the money. BTW, as you may or may not know, the BP335 has compression as part of it’s effects bay, as well as amp and speaker models.

    At the moment we are living in an apartment as we wait for our house to be completed. My DigitechBP355 has been a God send. For practice, my personal recording, as well as remote recording projects it works great. My son had a friend at music school was just going to throw it out. Literally my son removed it from the trash can had no use for it, and sent it to me in the original box including the transformer.


    Jul 14, 2021
    That's a good deal! I have Windows 10 and you can only use one audio device, so there's no way to get the USB audio from it to Ableton Live unless it's the only thing using audio (so I won't be able to hear the drums, etc, while trying to record the bass).
    I've run straight from bass to BP355 to interface with the stereo XLRs and it just sounds like a soft, muddy blob.
    So I run bass to amp, amp FX send to BP355, back to return, and then the XLR outs on it sound same as the XLR DI out on the amp. It may be an amp modeler, definitely shapes the sound into several different amp sounds, but the bass still needs to be preamped to get any kind of punch or thump. Maybe with an active bass this would be remedied.
    And I just got a Sennheiser e 902 bass mic, which sounds even better than the XLR DI outs, so I plan to use both: the mic to get that amped sound you just can't simulate, and the stereo outs of the BP355, to get the stereo image of the FX, and then I'll have a 3 track bassline, a L, C & R.
    I do the same with guitar: Boss ME-80 FX, stereo outs to 2 tracks, one split to also run to amp, them mics on front & back of amp, so 4 tracks per riff. Then I record 2 takes, pan one L, one R = super fat, wide guitar track with all the space inbetween wide open for solos, synths, etc.
    Believe me, on my budget, I hoped the multi-FX w/amp models would have worked without amps. The Boss on it's own is also meh. But that sound PLUS the miked amp is way better than just the miked amp.
    I applied for rent assistance in May, they still haven't started my application yet, but I'm operating on the assumption that I will get it, so haven't paid rent since June, so I've taken this opportunity to finally get all the music gear I can while I can. Even without paying rent, my budget is severely limited. It'll be the last time I get a break like this, so what I get now is what I'll have, period. And I don't wanna be stuck with this Behringer amp. It's loud & decent, but creativity simply can't settle for just decent.
    I also have a van with solar panel & dual batteries, so I can take my amp and play anywhere my van can go. I've done some street jamming with a homeless drummer, who ultimately squandered the drums because of heroin. Very disappointing, because he's GOOD. Said he was gonna get on methadone but it never happened. But I need to make some new contacts, the sober kind, whenever covid starts to allow people to start socializing again, and I need an amp because, even though it's not currently happening, I intend to play with a drummer eventually.
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  16. I’m surprised you are having issues. I have Cubasis, both for my own use as well as sending files to a another remote recording studio that also uses a much more robust version of Cubasis.

    We start with a scratch track, just enough to get through the part that needs to be recorded.these files will eventually be dumped when all the permanent tracks are recorded. Sounds like you already have tracks available.

    Anyway. Send these files to the app DropBox on your cellphone for monitoring purposes. Use your cellphone & and earbud (s) while you play your bass into the Digitech interfaced with your recording software, and using the line out line out to an amplifier to hear your bass.

    A little convoluted but it does work.

    But as for the sound of the digitech, truth in advertising, I don’t use the models for recording. I send a flat signal for recording. effects are added after the recording is done. Now these effects can be imported to Cubasis (and how in the heck you do that is WAY beyond my pay grade), but it is possible.

    I do use the Digitech models for practice. My set up or practice is using a Tascam digital recorder which has recordings of past performances and rehearsals as well as new material to learn, feed that to the audio in jacks of the Digitech, plug the bass into the input Jack, and use either a good set of head phones or ear buds. You have the ability to mix the levels between you bass and the recording which is very useful as the gain from recording to recording may vary greatly. BTW, the only audible sound heard (outside of your headphones) when you do this is the clacking of the strings.

    Best wishes.
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