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    May 15, 2012

    I just picked up one of these amps. It is probably from 2010? The input clips the VU meter if you strike a hard low E string with finger or pick, but i had to really slam it. The tone is like a less refined peavey minimax or markbass. It really reminds me of the kustom kxb500 in that there is not a lot baked in and it seems to get right to the power amp without much character. It is kinda warm though. It is like an eden minus that warm tube pre.

    The eq is really strong.

    The deep switch is insanely deep like "who is the jerk cruising down my street playing rap music" deep. I wont be using that.

    The shape is a scoop and I find it gets me to vintageland quickly with a few other adjustements.

    The bass slider is dedicated at some point (40hz?) the frequency sweeps are to the left of low mid, high mid and treble sliders (boost/cut.

    I got to a good tone by hitting in shape and then rolling the tone knob on my passive p bass with flats back to eliminate the high introduced and sliding the dedicated bass slider halfway from the center dentent (sp?).

    Without the shape i got to my tone by cutting bass a little and going to about 250hz and cutting a little, going to 1000hz and cutting a little, and going to about 3500hz and cutting a little.

    I am using a Greeboy Bassic 15 Kappalite 3015 cab so there are not a lot of highs there anyway.

    I find that the amp is plenty loud and the fact that it has made it to me as an 8 year old and has not fallen apart surely means that is was just one of the good units (apparently there were some duds).

    The volume on the input and output get a bump in volume at the end of turning them up which is rare as usually you are getting all of it by noon with other micro class d amps I have used.

    It fits in my Mono M80 front pocket.

    I have yet to test the aux in or headphone features yet.

    Me likey.
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