No longer available Ashdown MiBass 550W head

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    Great D-class, LOUD and light amp. It's super versatile, from transparent and clean to heavily EQed. It's built like a tank, and it's extremely road-worthy. It's been in my practice space for the last 2 years (non smoking), and saw only 1 gig. Good as new. Doesn't make any scratching noises, no remarkable scratches or dents at all.

    I'll ship anywhere, either from Switzerland or from Austria (if shipping to the EU), as I live right by the border.

    Power Output 550 watts
    Speaker Outputs 2 x Jack/Speakon Outputs
    Line Input Yes, with separate level control
    Line Output Yes
    DI Output Yes with Pre/Post switch
    Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum
    Effects Send Yes
    Effects Return Yes
    H x W x D (mm) 66 x 210 x 160
    Weight (kg) 2.9

    There's a review thread
    here in TB of this amp. The OP posted a few vids of this amp, where you get an idea of what it can do:

    Ashdown Artist-Aleata Holloway Video 1 - YouTube

    In the second video she starts digging in around the 3:12 mark.

    Ashdown Artist-Aleata Holloway video 2 - YouTube

    Ashdown Artist-Aleata Holloway Video 3 - YouTube

    img_20130523115933_38087.png 61297.jpg bass-topteil-bass-verstaerker-550w-ashdown-mibass-550-0456900765.jpg

    Of course it can be tested in Eastern Swizerland (9475-Sevelen).
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