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  1. I have Ashdown 500rc EVO rack.. amp, just have 2 2x10" 4omh cabs. And like to be able to run them both, there is only 1 4omh output on the amp, and i know that i could run one cab on the output and the other like. Subout/poweramp/cab. but the 2x10" would hardly work well as a sub. :) so i was wondering if there were any other way for me to run them both, the amp wont handle 2omh load.

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    May 10, 2002
    That's why I like pre/poweramp configuration.:D
    According specs it's not possible but maybe some amp gurues on forum can help you.
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    Jan 25, 2001
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    Put them in series rather than the usual parallel configuration. This will give you a load of 8 ohms rather than 4 and it will most likely be quieter, you will have more headroom on your speakers and if one cab fails the whole lot will stop working.

    You would just need to wire up a flying lead with a jack plug to two sockets. If you still want to do this post back and I'll tell you how to wire it.
  4. There´s is only one spk. out on the amp. so when you are talking about parallel connection you´re talking about about, Amp spk.out to one cab and from that to another and that would give me 2omh load becouse i have two 4omh cabs, but when you´re talking about series, are you talking about some like Y connection from the amp that would split to 2 jack outs. wouldn´t that still give me 2omh load??? if not.. is it perfectly save to run the amp that way?
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    You would need to wire up the Y connector in a particular way so that it is not 2 ohm total.

    I'll post a diagram back later to show you the difference.
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    Sorry for the delay (and the not great quality) I've been a bit busy posting "flashy lights" in another thread :)


    I hope this makes some sense to you ? I know the picture on the left shows one cable from the amp and the one on the right shows two - but it is just the cores in one single cable not two cables.

    Its easier to wire up than to explain. Just give me two 1/4" line sockets, a 1/4" jack, a short piece of wire, a bit of solder and 10 mins later I'd have one made up.