ashdown peacemaker 40 guitar amp

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    May 13, 2001
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    very good shape. just had tubes replaced and complete going-over. Plus it has an upgraded ev speaker.

    Here is the description from the original seller.

    ASHDOWN PEACEMAKER 40 1-12 combo.Class A power 4-EL34 power.3 ch.(2 w/boost on lead ch.)separate gain and master and tone controls on both two overall master volumes-so you always have the option of having one set higher for extra punch,no matter which`re using.The 1st ch.nails the blackface tone and will go sparkle clean to nice crunch.Ch.2- goes pushed brown tone to Hot Marshall w/boost.It comes with 12" EVM-L (200.00 ADD ON)has good reverb and variable effects loop.

    Its a great amp, but I don't use it and I need the cash.
    600.00 OBO plus split shipping. Id consider trades towards an Avalon U5