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Ashdown Reliablility - I'm Confused

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by SteveC, May 5, 2005.

  1. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    North Dakota
    I've been looking for a head to replace my Avalon U5/PLX 1202 rack. I talked to Jim Bergantino to find out what head he would suggest for me to use with his HT112 cab. He said Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II. It's about the only amp I haven't tried so why not.

    I go to the local store. They only have a 15" MAG combo. I tried it. Pretty nice. A little dark for me but they say they can get more "hi-fi" as well. They just got a MAG 300 head in so I'm gonna see if I can take it home and try it with my Bergie. I've read that peolpe love the Ashdown/Bergie combination. We'll see.

    Over the last few days I've been reading reviews on Ashdown. Some people say they are not reliable, some people have used them for years with no issues. The guy at the store (who I trust) says that they have a few young guys using them in punk "I beat my gear" bands around here and they have held up well. One band in particular was going to be his "test" for reliability as the guy is known for being hard on his gear. He said they have had no problems.

    WHICH IS IT? I need to feel a little better before I buy.
  2. +1 for Ashdown reliablity.

    Only ever had one problem 3 or 4 years ago with earth hum on an ABM Combo which was resolved quickly and under warranty.

    Other than that, I have had no problems whatsoever and I can highly recommend the brand. I now use a Mag Combo and Mag Deep Cab, both of which have proved pretty "bomb proof" thus far. :)
  3. My MK500 has been pretty bombproof in the 6-7 months that I've had it. I don't abuse it though, I watch the input VU meter level and try not to drop it. Duh. I still crank it and it's amazing every time. Paired with an Epi 110UL/112UL and a MIA jazz and it kills.

    I think that even if you did have a problem their support is top notch. I had ordered mine from AMS as a 'factory opened' product, which meant the box had been opened at the factory for whatever reason, but it came at a huge discount. When I got it the plastic cover on the input knob was cracked. So I emailed support explaining the situation and they sent me two (!) new matching knobs at no cost and I had them within a week. I thought that was pretty cool.
  4. mine crapped out within the first few gigs!! My combo that is. So i took it back got it fixed the same day, since then ive pushed it harder than i did before and it is still going strong!! Its been thrown into the back of a van for a year now the only signs of damage is a tiny chip on the grill, hardly noticeable!! no rips in the carpeted finish no scratches on the head!! Tis all good my friend, do not be worried.
  5. Hi Steve - remember me? Fretless mod q5 for stingray + $ ring a bell? :hyper:

    Anyway, I play through a ABM500 and I've never had a problem. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Ashdown isn't reliable, but most of them seem to be D.O.A. or soon there after experiences.

    I haven't seen any valid statistics that suggest Ashdown is any more or less reliable than anything else, but since they are relatively new on the block compared to most amp companies, that might be the case.

    IMO, the tone is to die for and worth any risks. I've tried a bunch of stuff including some pretty fancy pre/power set ups, and I really think Ashdown is the poop.

    Plus pricing has come way down on these things. The ABM300 is $699 at AMS.

    I've been curious about those bergies for a looong time. Let me know what you think - my biggest concern would be there relative inefficiency.
  6. MAG210-300T-never any problems, lots of gigs!!!!
  7. John Herzog

    John Herzog

    Jun 14, 2002
    Schertz, TX
    I'm on my second MAG 300R (Rackmount) from AMS. The first one was a scratch and dent special from AMS, and it had obviously been dropped since one of the rack ears was bent. It worked fine for a few weeks but the power amp section went out one day while I was playing at low volume.

    I called AMS and they sent me a brand new replacement without any additional charge. I haven't had any problems since, but I haven't used it too much since I just exited the band I was in.

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