Ashdown Replacement Knobs

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    Aug 15, 2002
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    Hey Bassbrothers('nsistas)

    The most awesomest girlfriend in the world brokered a deal for a Ashdown RPM-1 (and crown amp and cab- I said she was awesome didn't I?) from a fellow Talkbasser- It was a smoking deal and aside from issues with FedEx delivering the Cab in kit form everything was cool... The head sounds GREAT, its EXACTLY what I was looking for

    *Get on with it funky... don't bore these good people*

    I ~want~ to replace 3 of the knobs on the rpm... the were slightly blemished through use (I say want because it's not REALLY a big deal...) So I contacted Ashdown through their website and got a response from Stagg Music- saying if they had the knobs they'd be happy to send them my way, but could I send a description/picture so they get the right ones. I sent the Pic and description and received a second reply saying that they were almost out of stock but I could purchase knobs "just like the ones I need" here

    I've got no problem *buying* the replacements- but the ones Stagg pointed me to aren't the same thing.

    :help:Does anyone know where I can get actual replacement knobs for Ashdown?:help:
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    That's kinda bizarre, I checked out Stagg Musics main web site. They had some cheesy practice bass amps listed but I didnt even see them selling any of the Ashdown line.

    I'd try sending Ashdown another email explaining you want to buy the corect genuine matching knobs and not just something kinda similar.

    I'm thinking Ashdown was just out of stock and they figured you were in a big rush... I'd ask if they're just temporarily out of your models knobs at the moment, and If so ask if they'll back-order them now, and ship to you after they get more.
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    Aug 15, 2002
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    I looked at the Stagg website too and thought it was odd... reading your
    From the original email- It looks like EMD is the US Distributor now- I saw Stagg under the signature and ASSUMED... my mistake...
    Hi Eric,
    If I've got the knobs I'm happy to send you some replacements. We only took
    over as the distributor recently and the RPM-1 has been discontinued. If you
    could send a picture or good description of the knobs that would help. I
    have no stock to check and see what's on that unit.
    Best Regards,

    Xxxxxx Xxxxx
    Asst Nat’l Sales Mgr
    EMD Music Inc
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    Im sure I have 3 or four extra ABM line knobs lying around here somewhere.... If I can find them you're welcome to them. Pm me.