SOLD Ashdown RM MAG 410T Rootmaster 450W 4x10 8-Ohm Bass Cab 2017

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  1. Price:
    Was delivered brand new to me today and not what I wanted. Works like a charm!!!! Bought new for 379.
    $260 shipped conus, if you live in Houston come pick it up for 60 less
    For when you need serious earth-shaking power.

    After months of research & development, Ashdown has designed a range of products that are equipped with more features, more power, new stylish designs and best of all, a dramatic reduction in size and weight. The Rootmaster range of bass amplifiers truly stands out from the crowd.

    The RM-MAG-410T speaker enclosure is equipped with four Ashdown 10" speakers, as well as a tweeter. It can handle a 450 Watt payload at 8 Ohms, helping to bring the bass to the front of the mix with ease. The Rootmaster Slim cabinetry utilizes an Acoustic Suspension design that maximizes transducer performance by mitigating unwanted resonance. This delivers tighter, more accurate low frequencies, enabling the Rootmaster system to be highly efficient. The all new MAG RM range is the solution for bassists who need affordable and dependable light weight power houses that present real low-end power.

    Loaded with custom Ashdown drivers for exceptional attack, clarity and low-end performance, Rootmaster cabinets are engineered for performance and reliability. Rootmaster cabs are now sealed creating an infinite baffle for smoother low end response and faster attack.

    Solid construction is paired with hard-wearing vinyl coverings, protective corners, tough grille cloths and vibration-reducing rubber feet, a combination that delivers powerful sound and hard-wearing longevity that'll stand up to years of use.

    Rated at 450W (8 ohms), the RM-MAG-410T brings the classic 4x10" sound to the forefront with add top-end definition thanks to four custom Ashdown 10" drivers and a HF tweeter. Supplied with caster plates - casters available separately.
    Affordable bass extension cabinet designed to deliver punchy low-end
    High-frequency tweeter provides high-end clarity
    450W of handling power makes it an ideal companion for a variety of bass amps
    Designed to be both dependable and portable
    Accepts both standard ΒΌ" and Speak-ON connectors
    Order today!
    Power handling: 450W
    Speakers: 4x10" Ashdown drivers; high-frequency tweeter
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Dimensions: 23.7" x 23.7" x 13.1"
    Weight: 68 lbs
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