Ashdown Rootmaster 212 cabinet impressions

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    Oct 4, 2008
    I'm looking for a good quality 212 cabinet that won't break the bank.
    I am torn between this cab and the TC Electronic K-212.
    The Ashdown, to me, wins on aesthetics / form factor (a tad more compact, less "trying to be retro", whereas the TC wins on weight (18# less) and slightly higher power handling.

    The price difference is 50 bucks between the two. I could buy a boutique 112 for a tad more, but I don't think 1 driver would be enough for my gigs, I think the low B would over tax / overheat the voice coil quickly with my hamfisted style (lol) and I cannot afford two upscale 112's.

    Both would be considered "mid tier" cabs, I realize, but does either have an edge for sound / build quality? The Ash is front ported, the TC rear ported.

    I know the Ashdown Mag series is considered their *budget* series, but are they using decent drivers?
    What about LaVoce in the TC? I searched and saw a relatively recent thread asking this same thing but had little traffic... simply put, I intend to use this as an effort to scale down from my 410HLF, to a more compact rig for good medium sized gigs with good PA support... that I could still run to decent volume with my Aguilar TH500, and possibly put upon an amp stand for consistent site lines onstage, and optimizing my onstage monitoring.

    It doesn't have to be sickeningly loud either, it just has to sound good, and handle a low B. Looking for good "oomph" and low end, but not too wooly / pillowy.
    Does anyone have any experience / insight they can share to help me?

    I would truly appreciate it. Sorry for the novel. I just don't want a "regret" purchase, 50 bucks more isn't a deal breaker nor is the weight. Regardless of any return policy (as I hate the hassles) I just want an informed choice going in.
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  2. I think you could get by just fine with a top end 112.

    That said you should play both and go with the tone of the 212 that suits you. No one else can tell what sounds best to you.
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  3. hover


    Oct 4, 2008
    Yeah, maybe I'll just save up for a Genzler Bass Array.

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