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Ashdown Rootmaster 450W 4x10 Bass Speaker Cab 8 Ohm

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DrTrevorkian, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. DrTrevorkian


    Jan 3, 2017
    Hello! I currently am a guitar player playing bass in a really loud rock band. I picked up an amazing Mesa Engineering Carbine M9 off eBay for $830, near mint condition. Super happy with it.

    So I've been using the drummers bass cab (an older model Avatar B212) and want something that can handle the Carbine a bit better. So the other day, Musician's Friend had a Stupid Deal of the Day on a "Ashdown Rootmaster 450W 4x10 Bass Speaker Cab 8 Ohm" for $199.99 (normally $379.99, a $180 savings), and I couldn't resist the price point, an impulsive buy.

    My question is, has anyone played on one of these? It's next to impossible to find any information about them (not a lot on Talk Bass or GearSlutz, etc.). No YouTube videos. Mostly people either love or hate Ashdown. This particular cab is a Best Seller on MF. I'm getting the feeling I made a big mistake picking this up. At the very least, it will stay at my home studio for practicing or light jamming, or I'll just sell it and make my money back in a month or two.

    Maybe I should have saved up and get a 2x10 or 4x10 Mesa 600W PowerHouse cab.

    Here's the link: Ashdown Rootmaster 450W 4x10 Bass Speaker Cab 8 Ohm

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