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Ashdown Sub-harmonic Problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by growlngrind, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. I was playing through my ABM EVO II today with the sub-harmonic generator on, and I noticed a pronounced dead spot in the signal when I play on the fifth fret of my G string. It is not there when I fret above or below this position or when the function is turned off, and it sounds almost like there is a mute on the string. :(

    I emailed Ashdown today and I am waiting for a reply. Have any of you ABM users ever had a problem like this? My amp is still under warranty, so I should be able to get it fixed.. Where have you guys had the best luck with warranty service? I don't have anyone local that I know of.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :help:
  2. Sorry to hear about your issue....I haven't noticed any deadspots with the Sub-Harmoniser on (or off) on any of my basses!

    My only beef is that the handbook says you can use the sub out to a powered 400 watt Ashdown sub-woofer........that apparently they don't make......I would like to get a decent powered sub to add some depth to that effect!

    Hope you get your probelm sorted!
  3. Thanks Johnny!

    I have a new issue now, which may be related to the original. I was unpluging my footswitches from the back of my head to haul it to practice, and one of the 1/4" jacks broke off! The blasted thing is made of plastic. Now even my cheap old Peavy TKO practice amp has all metal jacks. You'd think when you shell out well over a grand for an amp that they would not try to cut corners by using plastic jacks :spit: I thought they were anodized metal, but they are not!

    Does anyone know if replacing these things yourself will void the warranty? I would hate to have to send this thing off somewhere just to replace the jack. Also, I noticed while I was back there, that the AC jack is loose as well. :help:

  4. Now that sucks! But you did say that your amp is under warranty....not that that makes it all better, but it might get the amp fixed. Are you near to the dealer you got it from??? Time for a visit if you are. Have you emailed Ashdown - they seem to be helpful folks, and I'm sure they would clarify the warranty issue (might even send you the parts with instructions on how to fix it, and I'm sure they'd be interested to hear of your sub-harmoniser issue...)

    Good luck!
  5. Hi

    I don't know if this helps but a while back I noticed I had problems when playing the seventh fret on a G string thru an EBS octave pedal, the octave note was breaking up. I figured it was down to a slight dead spot that was highlighted by the way the octave pedal works, it was barely noticable without the pedal on but through the pedal it was annoying.

  6. Thanks guys,

    I emailed Ashdown two days ago, still no reply. I will try again. Actually, I live across the country from where I bought it, so hopefully I can find a more local service center if needed. I think the harmonic problem could possibly be due to my bass or a compatability issue. I have heard other people describe such problems using octave and synth effects. They may have three basses and two of them are tracked really well while the third has problems, that sort of thing. I have been able to mask it pretty well with some EQ settings. :meh:

    Despite these issues, I am still lovin' the sound of this amp. I am just a little ticked about this broken jack thing.
  7. My experience with an Ashdown head was horrible. We were in a two band gig in which we shared the bass amp, when it came the time for our show, the f***ing ashdown started to sound like garbage, so after miking it, the stage tech had to use the head's DI, that was even worse, finally the poor man (who was running up and down the stage all the time to fix my problem as soon as posible) brought a DI box. Eureka! there it was the sound of just my bass through the PA sounding so full, articulate, and with a smiling sound tech :D

    The other bassist took the head to the shop cause it was brand new, the problem seemed to be that the grind function was defective so it was ruining the whole sound when you used it, the tech at the shop said also that the DI was really crappy in most of the ashdown heads he had checked.

    This is just the only Ashdown gear that I have ever used so I can not really judge. But I found it very annoying (not to mention the head's owner)
  8. Pöl


    May 31, 2003

    They don't make it anymore, but they did make it in the past. You can get other active subs and hook them up, no sweat. Also, when using the sub out. Your signal gets devided so that most of your low freqs go sub out, and the high ones speaker out. If you've got a very nice PA: try mic on 10", D.I. out, and sub out through PA. Must be gut-shaking basssound, IMO.

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