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  1. What can anyone tell me about the Ashdown Mark King signature series amp head ?
  2. Thunder Pulse

    Thunder Pulse

    May 12, 2007
    ^^^ THAT should have been the subject line to your thread.
  3. I have an Ashdown MK500. I love it!!!! Makes for SLAP/FUNK HEAVEN!!!!!
    575watts peak 900watts RMS.

    You can get many tones out of this head. the only thing is you dont get a super warm low end out of it. But, then I run a Tech21 SansAmp to get some warmth and growl.
    I have it paired up with two MAG410T cabs. These cabs do not do the head justice. they a rumbly and cheap sounding. I suspect that it will do much better through the ABM cabs. I wish they made the Mark King Bentley cabs.

    Now Im reserving my Ashdown rig for bigger gigs and venues (weight reasons). So, I just got a MarkBass LMII and two 121H traveler cabs quick pick me up and go to smaller gigs.

    I highly recommend the MK500.