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ashton vs yamaha

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fleanut, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. i am looking at buying i new bass and i have been looking at either a yamaha rbx 790A 4 string or an ashton AB1100 4 string.
    IYO what is the better buy??
  2. Ok i have a friend, who goes by Metal Militia on here, he's become a lurker and couldn't be f%$*(^ to post so i HAVE to do it. but who cares, it increases my ridiculous post count anyway! :p

    He has an Ashton, and my word i'd go a Yamaha anyday! To spare the swear words he used to describe this wonderful (ahem) bass, he reckons he should've got the yamaha.

    i had a yamaha too as a first bass, pity it got stolen because i would still be playing it. I loved that bass.

  3. well know i have mixed responses cos my freind says that the ashton was the best buy.
    I guess im felt to formulate my own opinion now. but thanks for your opinion.
    know any other good 4 strings for under $800 AU
    that would suit a second bass??
  4. Umm, well seeing as i haven't had $800 or under to spend for a long while, I wouldn't be able to scope the best deal. Just try as many basses as you like. One day you'll find one that feels just right. You never know it may be a Ashton.

    PLus if u talk 'em round they may let you do time payments on the bass if its a bit more than you expected.

  5. KeithPas

    KeithPas Supporting Member

    May 16, 2000
    The new yamaha basses are good for the money but if you can find an older 80's BB5000 ,BB3000 or a BB1200 jump on it! These are great basses and you will pay less money than new one.
  6. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    I agree with KeithPas. The 1987 BB3000S that I had was the best bass I had up until now. I had it fro such a long time. I had no choice but to part with it after 11 years as it was time thin out the herd and make room for a nursery (it happens to the best of us). It was totally versitile, played extreemly well, great neck, and beautiful.

    If someone were asking in general what bass to get and I had no idea what style of music or technique they were into, it would be the first thing I recommended.

    I had messed around with a few of the new ones and I don't think I was so hot on them (except the Pattitucci 6-string).
  7. i did have a look at the BB series but i found that they are a bit out of my price range cos i only work in an IGA store after school. I hunted around a little but it turns out that people that own those guitars love them and want to hold on to them.

    My freind reccomended a washburn or and ibanez. I think and ibanez is out of the question cos i just can stand the things. He has an EDC and it plays weird and i hat the smell of luthite. So i guess il keep hunted. I think a trip the the Bass Centre will be due soon. check the site. good range. www.basscentre.com.au
  8. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    I would shy away from Washburn. Had one and had constant neck problems. I brought it in to be worked on, the tech told me he see's more of these than anything. He also told me the twist was so bad he couldn't do anything with it.
  9. KeithPas

    KeithPas Supporting Member

    May 16, 2000
    Try looking on EBAY for the older yamaha basses,I got my BB5000 for $400.00, I also bought a BB3000s for $400.00. Both were neck through,had simple yet versitile pick ups and electronics, played great and looked sharp.
  10. Keith,
    I had a look on ebay but i can buy from them cos im outside america so i would be paying heaps cos of our terrible exchange rate at the moment. i dont even know ive they deliver over seas??
  11. Yeh, ok, he has an Ashton, but is it an AB 1100?

    Most basses that Ashton make are absolute peices of excrement, but the AB 1100, AB 1105 and AB 1505 are remarkable exceptions.

    These basses are are far superior to anything else made by Ashton , they are really very, very good instruments, especially when you take the miniscule pric etag into account.
  12. Buy the Ashton AB1100 it is a far superior instrument. Ashton has a bad name coz they have put out some real rubbish, but the AB 1100 is a beauty, heaps better than any Yammy BB series.
  13. ashton still does put out some real rubbish...the AB1100, however, is a good bass...

    and that's an unqualified statement to say that it is "heaps better than any Yammy BB series"...what are you basing that on the BB414? the older BB3000 is an AMAZING bass...

    and besides, he's not caught between this and BB anyway, he's deciding on a Yamaha RBX790A I'm assuming he made a typ-o and is actually talking about an RBX-760A, which is a very nice bass...

    between the two, I'd go Yamaha...
  14. My experiences with Yamaha BB series basses have left me very far from impressed, the ones I tried out were poorly made and sounded very ordinary at best. Which BB's were they exactly?? .....Dunno. I was far too unimpressed to take note.

    So, unqulaified or not the comments are based on my (admittedly limited) personal experiences with yamaha BB series bass guitars, if they are not accurate in a wider sense , I apologise.
  15. Dee_01


    May 19, 2007
    I love Yamaha basses. I have played many, and they mostly played amazingly well, even the cheapies.
  16. no need to apologise...just pointing out that there is about a dozen different BB's out there and they vary in quality quite alot...

    the thing I've experienced with the BB415 is that the factory setup is a mile high and leaves most music shop browsers unimpressed...but these basses DO have potential...as far as the sound...my main gripe with the new BB's is the P-pickup is dark and muddy...the jazz pickup is great...but the P-soloed is unusable IMO.

    BTW...there's a nice Ashton AB1505 on aussie ebay at the moment...$300 AU last I checked...good price...
  17. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    It's an 1105.
  18. ahhh...so it is...still cool bass, though
  19. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Agreed. I have two, and a 1505.

    Better than the new Yam BB series I've tried in the shops, especially for the money they go for.
  20. Yeh, but the newer BB's problems certainly aren't confined to set-up and pick-up characterisitcs,(the 3 shops I went to, say that they set up everything themselves that is on the floor).
    Check out the visible workmanship, you don't want to look too close!
    It's a shame when a company lowers the reputation of it's own gear in this way.

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