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Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by geddyfan, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Has anyone out there put an ashyray on a MIM Jazz.I'm setting mine up to drill. seems Do you set it up so it just touches the back of the bridge or leave a little clearance in the back?With a little clearance the 2 arcs on the outer edge of the PUP are exposed,is this normal?
  2. I just recently put ashtrays on my MIM jazz. They look great and gives me a position to rest my hand not close to the bridge.
    I left a little clearance, can't remember how much? But look at several pictures of basses with the ashtrays, and w/o but with the holes drilled. I pretty much eye-balled it.
    When I look at mine head-on, yes the 2 arcs you talk about (pup screws) do stick out. I feels this is correct after studying SEVERAL basses.

    Here's a pic (not mine, but i wish) of what your talking about.


    What helped alot was looking at basses with the holes drilled. you can see the relative position. I can't find any pics of the right now, but i'll look around. The holes are drilled just forward of the bridge. This was easy as you have the end of the bridge to measure from.

    this is the advice that i got for the neck pup:
    Make sure you put a piece of masking tape down before you drill, especially on the painted finish -- that will keep it from chipping. Put the tape above and below the screws in the pickups, and draw a vertical line on the tape so you get the cover centered. Just eyeball it up and down, or make a mark through the mounting holes and see if they're equidistant from the pickup screws. Adjust the cover up or down accordingly and make a new mark. Drill using a 5/64" bit. You want to drill a pilot hole using a much smaller bit as to drill it straight. Better to drill too shallow than too deep. Test it on another piece of wood first to be sure, and make a mark on your bit to show how far down to drill.

    also make sure that the ashtray isn't to close to the end of the body.
    You shouldn't run into any difficulties. I fit seems crooked or "just not right", step away for 10 or 15 minutes, look at some more basses, then go back and give it a try. Just remember to take your time.
  3. here
  4. Stupid cosmetic question: Are there, or have there even been, any gold-colored ashtray covers? If so, where would one find them?
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  5. dunno if they make them stock like the chrome ones.
    i'm sure you could get them plated for some $$
  6. Well I finally put them on,the neck PUP cover also.It looks pretty good I just have to change my PG to the tortise one I made.I may change the PUP's too so I guess I'll have to decide before I rout for the PUP.The MIM are a little wider than the stndard JB PUP>So far so good.
  7. color me stupid, but what's an ashtray? Are you referring to what some people call 'Fender skirts'?
  8. the chrome tailpiece PUP cover.

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