Asia (first album) - John Wetton

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  1. Ok, so I've been searching around on here but can't seem to find anything definitive...

    Does anybody know which bass John Wetton played on the debut Asia album? I've seen suggestions that it is his trusty Precision but it doesn't quite sound like a P to my ears...

    I've often assumed it's a Jazz as that is what he played in the videos but we all know what a trustworthy source they can be!

    At the moment I'm leaning toward Jazz on the neck pickup but then I hear some Rick in there too... :confused:

    Whatever it is, it sounds amazing.
  2. Definitely a nice edge on the sound, IIRC...
  3. I don't know for certain but I'll second sounds of a Rick.
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    Maybe I'm being dense, but I didn't get the answer from that post- I now know what he played on "Nothing To Lose" by UK, but I didn't see anything about Asia.

    I recall him using a white tele bass on MTV at the time and also a Gibson Victory bass at one point, but that doesn't mean he used either on the album, of course.