Asking for help determining the origin of a bass body

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  1. Romansky


    Jun 1, 2020
    Hi Everyone,
    Sorry for the long and winding story...
    I recently bought on Craigslist a fully functioning ”franken-bass” - p-bass body and a Warmoth fretless neck. I paid roughly what a new Squier Affinity would cost. Nothing unusual until now (Except I already replaced the pickups and the Warmoth neck with a MIM Fender one). It plays fine and I am perfectly happy with it. And have a spare fretless neck :).
    However, the body looks very suspiciously like either an American p-bass or a pretty decent replica.
    Nothing from the hardware seems to be from a true Fender - pickguard is ill-fitting, bridge looks like from an old SX Bass, pots and pickups were from cheap Squier - except two things: a routed notch for adjusting truss rod from the body end (but deeper than what I can see on pictures of real MIA fenders), and thru-body holes for strings. I think doing these two things would require a purpose and I wonder if anyone would make such an effort just for the MIA “looks”.
    I didn’t see any markings or stamps in the neck pocket but there seem to be some barcode stickers in the pickups cavity, but painted over with I think insulating paint.
    So my question to experts is - was there a manufacturer which made copies of a MIA p-bass bodies or could this be an actual Fender...?
    I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on it...

    6BCBD4DB-333A-47DD-855B-395FE50845B6.jpeg F4DA5362-7D63-4A7B-ABF1-448FEB30365E.jpeg