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  1. I've been getting a lot of funny looks lately. "Why, Will?" you ask. Because I love Atom and his Package! Now, before any of you begin giving me funny looks, understand that the package is nothing "crude" or "obscene" its a sequencer. Atom and his package is a one man band, Atom is vox, some guitar, and the rest of the music is made up by 3 sequencers he has onstage with him. He writes all of the instrumental parts, mostly using synths and a little guitar. But his songs rock!!! A lot of people call him gimmicky, but I think that's kind of narrow-minded. They really are catchy, clever songs.
    for those of you who have absolutely NO clue what Atom sounds like, its like punk played through synths, ala Devo, or BS 2000 (with less of a hip hop influence). Some people are turned off by Atom's voice and apperance (he is the archetypical geek), but if anyone here is in the slightest interested in catchy, lighthearted electronic music with funny lyrics. I highly recommend Atom and His Package.
    The easiest album to get is "Redefining Music" which was just relleased on hopeless, but there are bunches of others to get and all of his songs are awesome.

    [end speil]
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  3. He played at my dorm once. I wasn't particularly impressed, but whatever.
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