Attention ASAT, LP Bass, T-Bird owners, etc.

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  1. JohnnyB53


    Nov 1, 2009
    Many of us have big, unbalanced basses that give us so much tone and playability we couldn't bear to part with them. Still, our shoulders, necks, and backs ache after playing them awhile.

    I just took delivery of the Mother of All Bass Straps. No, it's not a dorky 4-pt harness that looks like you're in rehab from a car wreck. It's not from an obscure hard-to-find vendor who hand cuts them from Saskatchewan seal skin up in Yellowknife, Canada and answers inquiries by carrier pigeon.

    It's a Levy's product, the Ergonomic Bass Guitar Strap with Contoured Moveable Pad, model M29.


    A couple of important details: The pad is moveable, but it also locks into place. It has velcro which you must release to slide the pad to the optimum position. Once you re-lock it to the velcro, it behaves like a contoured strap cut from a single piece.

    That pad is a whopping five inches wide. It's also contoured so you can position it optimally without it cutting into your neck.

    Its max length is 50", so if you're a knee-slinger this strap won't get you there without extensions. OTOH if you're a knee-slinger you're not ergonomically oriented anyway.

    I play an ASAT semihollow, and this strap pretty much fixed the ergonomic issues. The bass now hangs at a playable tilt; the contoured strap makes it easier for the bass to hang more to my right side and position the 12th fret right in front of me, putting the first 3 frets in easy reach for the first time.

    They are offered at Musicians Friend/Guitar Center/Music123, Amazon (who offers the biggest color selection), and Adirondack Guitar. At the time I found 'em, GC/MF/M123 didn't have them in stock and Amazon was 10-20% more depending on color. Adirondack had them in stock, 25% cheaper, and cheap shipping via Priority Mail. I got mine in Seattle 2 days after shipping from upstate New York.
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    Nov 16, 2004
    Tampa, Florida
    My Blue Note strap is 5 1/2" wide.
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    I think you can add Epi Jack Casady owners to that list.
    Like me.
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Great. But you gotta admit it's not easy to find something above 3.5", and to find one from a mfr. as easily accessible as Levy's is good news.