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Attention Berg NV610 owners!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Nick man, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Im looking for a new rig and Ive settled on the Mesa 400+ for the head but Im still looking for a cab!

    I love the overall tone of the Ampeg 8-10 (especially with the 400+) but Im not crazy about the low end cut off when Im using my 5 string basses. The Berg has better specs posted, but Im not sure about the tone.

    Several members have already posted that it sounds great with the Ampeg SVT heads, but what about with the Mesa 400+?

    How similar is it to the 8-10 as far as tone, and volume are concerned?

    I know someone is gonna say get the 8-10 but Id rather get something just a bit smaller and affordable with better low end.

    Keep in mind Im not lookinf for hi-fi tone but rather something nice and gritty with a very solid, very heavy ROCK tone.

    Thanks for evertything, you guys rock!



    I changed the thread title and added this next question instead of starting a new thread.

    How do you guys think Berg 610 compares to the Aguilar 412?

    Describe the tonal differences between the two and which you prefer for what sounds.

  2. metron

    metron Fluffy does not agree

    Sep 12, 2003
    Lakewood Colorado
    Im pretty sure Big String was using that setup (400+/NV610) and he had good things to say about it...
  3. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay

    Can anyone help me compare this cab to the Aguilar GS412?

    Any recomendations as far as big rigs go?

  4. Big Rigs...
    Not only am I 5'6", I'm 52 to make it worse...
    The Mesa is a bear to schlepp around but suprisingly enough the Berg NV610 is a breeze to move around. It's 97# weight is really very easy for me to lift into my van because of the abundance of well placed handles and tall thinner dimensions. It's also great on stage because it's tall (good for hearing) and not as deep giving you a suprising amount of extra space to stand and move around on the usual small crowded stages. The bigger hifi cabs are very deep and usually take up a ton of stage area and are much harder for us smaller players to handle. (I know were did I come up with the Big String name...well, I was talking about Bass Strings!) They are BIG.

    The best thing is, this cab is MOOCHO PUNCHO! The low end extension and creamy highs (no tweeter) are just right for me. Not really a slapper's cab, but still sounds good to me for slappin'. If you have a great bass and a great preamp/amp you can make up for any so called weaknesses this time tested design might have. Of course Jim Bergantino made it even better. Although I never had an Ampeg 810 I think I would have liked the sound of a sealed cab and tens. I'm not really a ten fan either, until this cab. :)
  5. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Supporting Member

    I've never run a 400+ or SVT through my NV610, but here's my two cents anyway: the NV610 has been my #1 gig cab lately. It's always tight and punchy even in boomy rooms. I play fiver through it: low notes come through strong, even from my passive Fender RB5 in series mode. Now, I do like to have growly low mids in my tone... maybe they keep the lowest notes from getting lost (shrug). But I never seem to notice a loss when traveling into the subterranean region. :bassist:

    FWIW, my signal chain lately is as follows:
    Bass --> SABDDI --> Alembic F2B --> Rane DC-24 --> Stewart 2.1.
  6. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay

    Lets compare the Berg NV610 to the Aguilar 412!

  7. Fretless5verfan


    Jan 17, 2002
    I'm also pretty interested in comparisons in price as well. With my limited income it'll be a year before i can complete my rig and i've pretty much come down to a NV610 and an Aggie 412 as possibilites as the cab component! I need info!!:bawl:
  8. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay


  9. inazone


    Apr 20, 2003
    I have the nv 610 and its a great cab. Its much tighter than ampeg or aguilar cabs. I play a five string and have no problem getting lows. I prefer the 322 but have know problem getting a good tone, maiden to pink floyd with the nv 610. Ive said this before, the cab sounds great at home but it really comes alive in a live setting. It can fill a bar with huge sound and not be boomy. Its hard to descibe but its large, full and focased. To me the nv 610 sounds good with low power and over powered wich is something the aguliar didnt. BTW I havent played a aguilar 412 but have played a 212 and others. If your looking for a classic rock tone I dont think you will be disapointed. IMO.
  10. I owned the GS412 briefly, it had a very big sound and an incredible low end! The highs were crystal clear even with the tweeter turned off. If it is lacking anywhere, it would be in the mids. It was also a very clean sounding cabinet, although it can sound sloppy at really high volumes. Very hard to make it sound gritty, but it could take any amount of volume you cared to throw at it. And the low end will pulverize! It is fairly large in size and even though it is easy to move on level floors with the tilt-back feature, it can be a bear to lift. But at least with it's side and back handle placement, it is easier to move than an Ampeg 810e, of which I just got rid of.

    The Berg NV610 is smaller and a lot easier for one person to move. In fact IMO it is easier to move than most 410's. Now we come to the sound. It definitely has mojo! I would say that its strength is in it's mid-presence. It has a deep sound, deeper than Ampeg's 810e and more clarity in the upper end compared to the same. It is never boomy as the GS412 could be in certain situations, but that is because it does not go as low as the 412, but then again, that is not to say it does not have a good bottom.

    IMO I would say that it has a better bottom than the 810 because I have compared them side by side in my own studio. Just don't expect the Berg to ever have the depth of 412's because it never will. Where it surpasses the others is in it's ability to fill in the mix and be heard, that is why I prefer the Berg NV610 over the other two cabs.

    I just returned an 810E, because after owning (and stupidly selling) the NV610, I realized that I do not really need a cabinet that big. It seem that the 810 sounded good only at very loud settings and in my view, it was not worth all the extra size and weight when the Berg had a better, deeper sound at more reasonable volume levels and a clarity of the top end that the 810 never had.

    I now realize that it was a mistake to sell my Berg610, :crying: because for my needs the cab is perfect. No, it is not as Big sounding as the 412 or the 810, and I don't expect that. I also don't expect to play anymore at such insane volume levels. But it is definitely more portable and easier to manage than either the 412 or 810. It also has the punch and cutting-through ability of the 810 without the weight and bulk and in return, it gives you more clarity.

    Someone said that compared to the nv610, the Ampeg 810e sounds like it has pillows in front of it and I would agree.

    Being the insane Gasaholic that I am, a few months back I wound up getting a pair of gs212's to replace the 412 for portability. I got the 610 in a deal with a head but quickly sold it, believing that it was an 810 that I needed. What sucks is that I need to play out with these cabs to really know if they work for me.

    Since I have re-discovered sealed cabinets and now realize that is the sound I am after, I am on a quest to regain another NV610. Anyone want one or a pair of GS212's with tuki covers? Contact me: frankie.fender@verizon.net
  11. Frankie
    Hi, I've got an NV610 but I'm not ready to sell it or trade it sorry. I did see one on the site here for sale, I'm not sure if it's sold or not. The NV is a great sounding cab and I need to experiment more with mine. I've found that if I put one of my Berg 112 cabs on top of the NV610 it is (at least in my practice area) very very impressive. Of couse this is running with my bigger amp rig one cab per side out of my CA9. The stack is tall and incorporates two Auralex Gramma Pads used under and over the amp rig rackcase. I really don't have to turn the HT112 up much either because I'm short and it's head level directly... :eek: Anyway good luck finding one. I would really like to try an NV215 as I usually prefer all the same size driver in on one cab. Even more so I prefer one driver per cab... oh taxi.... :rollno:
  12. Thanks for the support BigString,

    So you're looking for a NV215 too? I fear I may be headed there also for the deadly 610/215 combination. I'm going over to Rock City this week to play through all the Bergies I can! :bassist:
  13. I play the 400+/Berg NV610 combination right now, after playing nearly everything else.

    I slap the bejeezus out of my basses, then switch to Dub fingerstyle, then to Tower of Power funk, then to NoFX punk then to Rage style rock. This cab performs (for me) where my others failed (incl: Mesa, Trace, Acme, Carvin, SWR, etc.)

    In my opinion, the 400+ is an incredible match for the 610. I don't have any experience with the Aguilar 4x12.
  14. Frankie - sorry to hear about your gear swapping displeasure... :( I'm glad to hear though that my sense and review of that cab was solid, and I look forward to owning one down the road when I'm not living on the 3rd floor of the city with rickety staircases :oops:

    Please let me know what you think of the 215 when you get a chance to A/B them at Rock City this week! I've never heard/used the NV215 live before. In Rock City, I A/B'd them briefly and my sense was that the 215 had more lows and more highs, and that the 610 was more punchy and focused, but that's my very simpleton-esque review.
  15. Hey Zombie!

    I should have listened to you in the first place. But Noooooo, I just HAD to get an 810 and see for myself!

    BTW that SVT head kicks ass! it is insane! I love it!
  16. Aw c'mon now...it's not like I was vociferous in my estimation of it! :oops: I compared the 810 with it once, and to my layman's ears, the Berg sounded better. But you have much more experience with gear and even playing than I do. I'm glad that my estimation wasn't far offbase!

    If I lived outside of the city, I wouldn't have ever sold that rig, but I'm thrilled to hear that it fit the bill for you: it'll make things that much easier for myself down the road when I decide to re-tool and dive back into a big rig :cool:

    Please share with us your A/B of the 610 and the 215! :)

    PS - Thanks again for the wonderful transaction, and give the pup a scratch behind the ear for me :)
  17. If I helped at all... your welcome. :)
    I too have never heard or tried the NV215 but knowing how the NV610 sounds I bet it would be smokin' with the 215. I don't know how often I would use both but if I got a real good deal on a used one I might pick one up and swap back and fourth with the 610. Probably end up putting the HT112 on top of it too.... :bassist:

    I won't have a large outside gig for a while and if I can hold off my vicious g.a.s I will definatley bring both my NV610 and DMS (double mini stack) to the gig and have some cab fun. I did hook up all three in my practice room beside putting the 112 on top and let me tell you it's very loud and punchy... I had my CA9 gains on 2-3 and got yelled at instantly by my Wife and Daughters on the other end of the long ranch home... :D Love doin' that...
    So far as I can tell the HTEX 112s sound very good with their cousin the NV610 even though they are sealed and ported designs.

    Make sure you have Cory at Rock City hook you up one HT112 and put it atop that NV610 for sure. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
  18. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    This may be a stupid question, but I've never let that stop me before.
    Wouldn't the NV425 give you the combination of the 215 and 610 in one cab?
  19. Good question, and I say yes.
    Call Jim Bergantino, you'll be happy you made the call.
  20. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    I'll be calling Jim pretty soon. I'm not really interested in the 425 myself. I'm really looking for superbooty. I figure the 215 is the way to go for me.