ATTENTION: Calling All Know-it-alls!!!

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  1. I was goin' back in time, checkin' some Alvin Lee vids out, and ran across what looks like Derek Smalls' :)bassist:Spinal Tap:bassist:) twin brother playing bass in the video below. The upper & lower horns on the body reminds me of the old Danelectro Longhorn basses. I succeeded in pausing the video to take a look at the headstock, and I still can't figure out the maker of that doubleneck bass. Any ideas? Stuff like this drives me up the wall. I'll be waiting, impatiently......... Here goes:

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    I don't consider myself a 'know it all' :p but, according to the Famous Bass Guitarists site it was made for Mick Hawksworth and according to Mick: "The splendid guy who made it for me was Peter Fabio Barraclough: PFB Guitars".
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    You rang?????
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    There's some pretty top-rate bashing of 70's Fender's in this article.
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    Ha, it was late when I found the interview and I only skimmed through it quickly, reading back through it just now you're right, some quality 70s fender hate
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    I am surprised so few have responded!
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    Well then, I approve!! :woot:
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    Are we absolutely sure that Alvin didn't know Dereck's Mother??? (just a thought)