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Attention: Mesa Boogie Owners

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TCollins, Mar 13, 2001.

  1. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    Were any of you ever FORCED TO:
    (BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE INCLUDING "MESA APPROVED" REPAIR STATIONS COULD NOT REPAIR YOUR MESA BASS AMP...to send your amp back to Mesa MANUFACTURING for repairs? If so, how long did you have to wait?
    Thank you!
  2. Do you still have problems with your mesa fgear?
    Man, send it all back to them and demand a new set of gear. You must have had loads of bad luck from what I remember. :(

    (my 400+ is still running smoothly though ;) )

    Anyway hope you get that stuff fixed! Let me know what happens!
    See ya!
  3. GSR200 is my son -I'm using his computer tonight(I just introduced him to Talkbass as he aspires to be a BASSPLAYER :)

    Thanks for the reply Mesa Man! You have been following this tale of misery from the beginning:)

    Just to give you an update...Jersey Central Music Service claims that they "fixed" the popping & cracking but--found that NONE of the switches controlling the various tone/bass shifts were working in addition to a "persistent loud hum". Jersey Central decided to send the M-2000 BACK to Mesa manufacturing in California. I talked with a fellow named Duvall in the Mesa service dept. and he wanted to know "in my words" what was wrong with the amp...I gave him a detailed account of what i had experienced since last September when I first received this amp in a "new" condition. This "new"amp has been in and out of my rack so many times that the upper surface has been marred & scratched...a small thing I know, as long as the amp works great--who cares? (then, again, would you want a "new car" with scratches all over it?) ...Remember, I ordered this amp LAST year (March of 2000) I didn't get it 'til September 2000...it didn't work as it was "advertised to" from Day One...I may have gotten a MESA LEMON!!!
    RE:My Mesa 400+ works like a dream...sounds incredible and I'm very grateful that I have it as a backup amp...it helps make all this STUPID waiting easier to bear!!
    Any other Mesa owners EVER experience this phenomenom out there? Let me know...
    Thanks for listening
  4. Tell them your story and hope they give you a new amp or something. You can always give them the tip that it is possible to switch the "inside" of the amp to new stuff.. then they wont have to deal with the (now) scratchy shell, right?

    Hope this works out, I dont know what I would have done. You could always try to turn over their desk.. that usually makes them understand that you are serious in your demands.. ;).. well good luck!
  5. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    I gave them (Mesa)the most complete description that I could re: my amp problem. As far as replacing the "inside" of the amp--that was suggested by Central Jersey Music Repair Service....they referred to it as a "soundboard" (?). It has also occurred to me..it seems that it would be easier to just replace the whole "frikkin'" thing with a model that works...I just hope that this doesn't turn into a "long distance shouting match" ....
  6. Tcollins,

    Why don’t you inform Mesa that you are publishing the progress and outcome of your
    dispute on this Internet site, and Bass players from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the results? It might work wonders.

    I had a few problems with a brand new 400+ a few years ago, and Mesa refused to replace it.
    Although they eventually sorted the problems out through the UK distributors, I had lost confidence in it, and It didn’t get gigged after that. After many, many months of advertising, I finally sold it at a large loss. Pity I wasn’t on the internet in those days.
  7. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    I'm E-mailing this page to MESA/Boogie as soon I'm finished typing!
    Thanks for the suggestion -maybe this will work for owners of other brand name amps as well
  8. I'm anxious to see what happens, I am thinking of buying a bigger rig, and right now Mesa/Boogie is at the top of the list, but I am curious to see what happens here first..........I own a Buster, and I love it, no problems yet, but I have not had to deal with customer service or anything like that yet......The one time I called for extension cab advice, and they were really helpful........But we will have to see how they handle your situation.......
  9. Good idea Spike!
    That will probably put things in another direction...
    But wasnt it the Basis M2000 that was the issue? Anyway, telling any manufacturer that they are up for discussion about customer service on one of the best bass sites on the net is good.. and should hopefully make them think twice before they act next time.

    Hope you get it all sorted out TCollins!
  10. mesa has given me nothing but superior service. i have never had to hang them out to dry to get complete satisfaction. they have always serviced my needs. once i expressed complete dissatisfaction with a particular major product and a replacement was offered me with no resistance at all. other small problems have always been tended to fast and reasonably. im surprised your having problems with them. i always contact mesa directly and dont go through my selling dealer because its easier for the manufacturer to tell my dealer to tell me to go f$%k myself rather than tell me to my face. believe me mesa does not want a bad rap. express your problems nicely but tactfully and ive found them to be most resonable. because mesa has been so good to me, and this post is going to be submitted to mesa i cannot get into details. you can e mail me though.
  11. Yes, but my 400+ was just an example of my problem.
    I know these are are one of the best heads available, I was very unlucky.

    All manufacturers are bound to have problems now and again, especially with components from outside suppliers which are out of their control.
    In all fairness to Messa, in my case it may have been the UK distributor (at the time, now changed) who were making things more difficult than they could have. Although they did tell me after the second repair that it was not Mesa’s policy to replace, but only to repair. It was after the third repair in about 10 gigs (from brand new) that I lost my confidence in this amp.

    My Mesa 1516BE (bought at the same time) however, has given excellent service for over eight years and many hundreds of gigs without a single problem.
    I would never get rid of it.
  12. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    TCollins: How incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

    You might considering just asking for your money back and moving on -- your assessment that you got a "lemon" sounds accurate and there's little point in chasing your tail anymore trying to get it fixed.

    As Spike suggested, let Mesa know their reputation is on the line and that you're sharing your experience with THOUSANDS of fellow bassplayers through this forum. That MAY get their attention.

    Good luck.
  13. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    Thank you for your input, G-king! I agree that dealing with anybody you should try to be tactful. I'm not trying to be a troublemaker. I spent a lot of cash on that M-2000, I waited an incredibly long time to get this amp (I ordered it a year ago March & did not get it 'til September with all the defects that I described) AND I'M STILL WAITING. I have yet to experience ALL that Mesa claims that this amp can do. One of the major reasons I bought this amp is because of all the "wonderful" things that it supposedly capable of and also the fact that Mesa has such a great reputation. I also had similar experiences with Gallien Krueger's 2000RB (I dumped it like a hot potato after having failed me TWICE!--Their Service Dept. was deluged with repairs --I got no answers from them when I e-mailed them...and only got results when I insisted that the operator there put me through to someone other than an answering machine. I'm mentioning all of this because I really don't want to go through this with Mesa Boogie. I sometimes wonder (and feel disenfranchised about American manufacturing).
  14. t, i got a replacement of an 400+ from mesa. speakers and other small things without a problem, i first called the customer service # and got talkin with a dude and we then decided e mail would be easier, as he and i am very busy. we troubleshot a few things some with success. i had the amp sound out like a fire alarm once,..it would knock you off your feet. theres more, its a fairly long story, i learned alot about the amp. i refused to consider gigging with the amp as it would be an embarrasment to me and mesa, as i stated to them. i didnt even ask for a relacement. ....it was offered me. due to the service i recieve from them i will use only mesa amps, i just bought 2 buster combos also. one of which i will keep ( i ran across a deal i couldnt pass on a new wedge after buying a 1x15 combo!) .........i will ask my contact if i can pass his / her name on to you and if so i will post it. good luck!!
  15. Sorry spike, I didnt mean it like that.

    I have also received very good customer service from them regarding questions about my 400+, I use email (to the US) since I live in Sweden. They have always been nice to me, and fast with their replies.

    G-king I agree totally about beeing nice and gentle when telling someone about a problem with their products. If they dont get the picture after a couple of tries.. then things might get rough for them. Thats the way I do it. First nice and gentle the first 5 calls/mails/visits or whatever and then I get to them a bit not-so-very-nice.. but still not telling them to p*** off. Oh my now i sound like a trouble maker, which is not true. Tell them your problems TC. And also tell them that noone else you have been in contact with has ever experienced these kinds of probs with any of their products or service. Keep us updated here too! :)

    Sorry this got long.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you TC, or what ever you say over there.. :)
  16. jugdish


    May 25, 2000
    Orange County
    Here's a story to attest to the great service mesa gives. I had an SWR 750 that had something pop off the circuit board and the head blew up and my mesa cabinet had both 15's coils melt then the cabinets insulation started to burn and smoke was pouring out of the ports. The SWR head was new and they pretty much told me tough they wouldn't pay for the speakers even though none of the fuses blew to save the cab. Mesa looked over the situation and reaplaced the speakers for free after looking into that my band is actually playing shows and not just me in my bedroom. After that I ditches the SWR and got a 400+. Had no problems since.
  17. sn0wblind


    Apr 20, 2000
    Ontario, Canada
    Its just like mechanics, they try to get the most money for the least amont of work!!!!
  18. T COLLINS............i heard back from my contact at mesa, hes ok with you getting a hold of him. he prefers by phone first so he can get a one on one with you on your problems with your m2000. i told him about the forums and how this is definitly good pr for his company. he agreed. his name is tien lawrence, his tel # is 707-778-6565. his e mail is tienlawrence@mesaboogie.com . again, call him first and mostlikely you will have to leave a message, which he will return within the same day. so try to call when your gonna be in one spot most of the day,........then its his dime! i gave him your name as t collins, he should recognize it when you leave your message and return phone number, ...as t collins on the m2000 ...........and you can use my name as reference also, its jim baimas. i hope this helps! tien is the man! im sure all will be solved very smoothly. regards, jim
  19. I am so glad that there are helpful people in this world! :)

    Good work Groovking, now I cant wait to hear the outcome of this M2000 problem.

    Hope TCollins gets back here when something happens.. (and that he is bringing good news :))
  20. thanks mesa man, you guys have always been helpful also, .......i might have a flat someday and im sure you all would help! i do want to see how this works out now, i hope t collins sees this before he kills somebody!

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