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attention psychobassguy!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by groovking, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. i asked joris a question about tubes for my mesa boogie 400+ head. he referred me to you. i currently have 6L6 STR427 GC M/B tubes in it and its time for a tube replacement. i am perplexed as to which tube to use. im looking at M/B 5881 6L6 STR 425 or 6L6 GC STR427 or 6L6 GC STR 430. which do you recommend? thanks...jim
  2. Well, Im not the man.. But I use the 5881 STR425 in my amp and they sound good, But I think any of them will do since they use &l&Gc in their amps nowadays. I think its just a matter of preference of sound. But 5881's should work fine, as they do for me. Hope this helps.. maybe a little anyway ;)
  3. mesa does list the "6L6 GC STR 454 Svetlana (duet). i assume thats the one? their price is 48. per matched set, vs 40., for the others. mesa does take 25% off when you order a complete set including preamp tubes supposedly for owners of mesa 400+ heads only. so it would be 216. + ship vs 210+ ship for the other popular #'s, @ 40. not really too bad all considered. any suggeations? ps: psycho, do you own a 400+ and what do you run in it? ...thanks psychobassguy and thanks mesa man!!
  4. ok, lets hear it...... ps are the svets i noted earlier the ones to get?
  5. I dunno if this helps but the Fender we have here uses 6L6GC's as the main stages. I recieved some brand new bottles for $5 each (yes people can't believe it. guy must've been mad or they were stolen :), they were made in italy. The amp belts out. People say that you should use a certain type because the sound is this or that. Hell what ever u can afford man. lol The quality is quite good in most valves.

    Anyways that was pointless so move on........ :D


    [Edited by merlin on 10-06-2000 at 05:07 AM]
  6. psychobassguy: very ingenious. but with all of your expertise could you please verify if the "6L6 GC STR 454 svetlana duet" output tubes that mesa is offering me are the ones you suggested. thank you .........jim (groovking)
  7. thanks psycho! hey would you run a compressor with a 400+? i seem to feel it may be a great thing to run with a hybrid head but probably an ugly mask on the sound of a 400+,am i absolutuly nuts?
  8. psycho, what does the yellow batch designation mean? do you have to run all, for example, yellows or is it yellows side by side and then red next row side by side etc.as long as there is an equal color next to a particular tube.so all yellows installed in matched sets side by side, or a mix of colors as long as they are side by side and from a matched set???? excuse me but i been drinkin.
  9. so tubes that are of the same # and same color batch will be ok as long as they are next to each other. 1 in each row. >>>and thusly ok to mix different color batches or even tube types as long as they are matched to the tube next to it so the sum of both rows of 6 equal each other?>.......?????
  10. nah,....never mind i ordered the svets and i should have them on monday, plus id rather drink anyhow.....groov

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