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    Apr 1, 2000
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    hi. i own an ampeg bse-410hlf (400watts RMS, 4ohms). i recently was considering selling it and getting an 8ohm 4x10 cab so i can later ad an 8ohm 15" and run my amp at just 4ohms. i was just now thinking though, if i changed the speakers in my cab to four 32ohm speakers(which must be possible for the 8ohm 4x10 cabs), would my cab now be rated at 8 ohms? another noggin-scratcher, if it is one of those cabs thats designed to accentuate the lower frequencies, would it be a bad idea to switch out the speakers like that? i really appreciate any help i can get in this matter since i am pretty much a technical ignoramus...:(

    thanks in advance,

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    Apr 29, 2001
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    The 8-ohm 4x10 cabs usually have 8-ohm drivers, with two pairs of drivers, each wired in parallel for 4 ohms a pair, then the two pairs wired back togeth in series for 8 ohms total. That's why you'll have a heck of a lot easier time finding 8-ohm drivers than 32-ohm drivers.

    To answer your question, though: Yes, you could swap out the drivers in your cabinet, but you'd be better off just selling the cab and buying an 8-ohm one. Replacing drivers is fairly expensive, if you're replacing them with the same type/grade of drivers that originally went in--probably pretty close to what the cabinet's worth. If you just put car audio crap in, you could do it cheap, but then you'd be stuck with a cab that sounded like somebody's boombox and was worth next to nothing, and 4 used drivers, which are not exactly a hot item in the marketplace...

    Don't do it!
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    Jul 22, 2001
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    im not completely certain, but im quite sure that the speakers are the same in your HLF as in the normal ampeg cabs... the only difference is that the bottom two speakers are ported and the top 2 are sealed. the sealed speakers give the "ampeg" sound, but the ported speakers give better low end. Feel free to correct me anyone, but im pretty sure that I'm right.
  4. Luis Fabara

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    They are the same speakers but those are 16Ohm.. wired in parallel.

    32Ohm speakers will do what you want, but a lot of cabinet design is directly connected to the Thiele parameters of the speakers, so its not just buy and swap.
    Also the Tweeter is also 4 Ohms instead of 8 , so you will have problems with the crossover.

    I say stay with what you got, or upgrade to better cabs, but dont do the replacing speakers thing.

    Upps, I believe the 32Ohms and 16Ohms is only aplicable to the SVT Models. I just noticed you have a BSE wich could be wired Series/Parallel with 4ohm Drivers.
    In that case you could go All parallel with 32Ohms or with 8Ohms speakers wired Series/parallel