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  1. A local group, urDog is going on tour of Europe starting next week. I saw them perform last night (w/ Lungfish no less!!) and I was impressed, even though I thought I wouldn't like them. I just thought I'd do some gigspam on their behalf.

    Their drummer is fantastic, and their organist and guitarist aren't anything to sneeze at either. They really primal-proggy stuff, and fans of King Crimson seem to enjoy them (I don't know any King Crimson, so I can't really judge).

    Here's their website to check out:

    anyway, here are the dates:

    12 March
    kraak festival, hasselt,belgium, w/ six organs, microphones, caroliner, boris, trad gras och stenar and more

    13 march:
    worm, rotterdam, netherlands, w/ boris

    14 march:
    paris, france, w/ caroliner

    15 march:
    university cafe, louvain-la-neuve, belgium

    16 march:
    vpro radio, amsterdam, netherlands

    16 march:
    paradiso, amsterdam, netherlands

    17 march:
    onderbroek, nijmegen, netherlands

    18 march:
    subotnick, copenhagen, denmark, w/ family underground

    19 march:
    academy of fine arts, aarhus, denmark, w/ snoleoparden

    20 march:
    inkonst, malmo, sweden

    21 march:
    twisted robot, berlin, germany, w/ boris, sunn o)))

    22 march:
    immerhin, wurzburg, germany

    23 march:
    fruehauf!, leipzig, germany, w/ seafood

    24 march:
    furth, germany

    25 march:
    aquaragia, moderna, italy, w/ stefano pila/jeffrey alexander

    26 march:
    hybrida, tarcento, italy, w/ stefano pilia/jeffrey alexander

    27 march:
    8mm festival, castelfranco, italy, w/ allun, with love, wounded head, ventolin orchestra, stefano pilia/jeffrey alexander and more

    28 march:
    geneva, switzerland
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    Jul 17, 2003
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    cheers, I'd love to see that gig with sunno))), but Berlin is a bit far away. Kraak festival is within my reach, we'll see, transportation is my main problem.
  3. Hmm, they're playing about 15 minutes away from me.