Attn: FX pedal makers on TB- Idea for a pedal

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Simorchid, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. I'm a noob with a half baked idea....well, maybe.

    I have no tech knowledge on building fx pedals but, like many reading this forum, I have an obsession with tone and the sonic possibilities of the bass guitar and have an extensive collection of pedals especially OD's, Fuzz and Envelope filters.

    Some recent events have inspired an idea for an all in one OD, Distortion, Fuzz pedal with a twist.

    I did a recording session on the weekend and got some great results by splitting my signal into three separate tracks. #1 Clean track with low pass filter rolling out at 150Hz #2 Uber fuzz track rolling in at 150 Hz/ out at 1.2K #3 OD with gain cranked rolled in at 1.2K rolled out at 10K.

    Today the engineer for the session sent me a link to a magazine article about the new EHX Bass Big Muff Deluxe with the variable crossover feature for the clean/ fuzz blend. Cool feature, but what if you could take it further.

    So inspiration came to me, much like Archimedes in the bath tub.....(cough)

    A triple band OD/ Fuzz, 1 clean, and 2 Dirt, with 3 variable crossover points and a range of OD, Distortion and Fuzz flavours to chose from. Other features could include an FX loop to plug an envelope filter into which can be assigned to either the 2nd or 3rd dirt channel or both.

    With these features i'm thinking of it as a digital effect.

    So.... does the TB world think this is a good idea? Would any builders out there take this on?


    I would buy one.....:bag:
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    Have you checked out the empress od/distortion/fuzz pedal? It sounds pretty close to what you are describing.

    Max at [sfx] in the UK builds very high quality pedals. His fuzz and OD pedals are second to none in tone and function. I have commissioned custom work from him. It will cost you, but you can probably get exactly what you want.

    I would get a splitter/mixer/patch bay type of doodad and run separate pedals of your choice instead of one monster pedal. You said you are a noob, and I guarantee your tastes and things you are into gear-wise are likely to change. It is good to go modular so you can change out individual parts as you want.
  3. Checked out the Empress. In the ball park but not quite what I would lay money down for.

    I have been GASing for an SFX micro fuzz for some time.

    I will probably end up running the splitter/ mixer/ patchbay type of doodad to replicate the tones live which is fine for local but a nightmare for tours. To have a one pedal solution is the dream.


    Jun 20, 2011
    not to offend, but i don't think it's marketable. It sounds really focused to what you do and not what anyone else would need. with that said, i think it's a great idea and you could easily commission one of the guys in the electronics forum to make it.
    have you tried, though, using a large multi FX like GT10B or a computer-based multi effects setup?
    or perhaps buying/building a splitter/merger system?

    happy hunting :)
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    IE QF2
    Fairfield Four Eyes
    SA Multiwave Distortions

    These all have some of what the OP is looking for.