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  1. There is a Kawai on ebay at this moment that is absolutely bueatiful and looks ripe for the picking! Koa/Graphite and the price is right:

    If you aren't up to speed with ebay, I can help you with your questions and some tips. I wouldn't hesitate to consider buying this way. That's where my F2 came from!


    May 29, 2000
    hooksett NH USA
    Yeah I saw it. Looks sweet man. I bided on it a couple days ago, but got outbided yesterday. Now Im not sure If I can afford on right now due to a bunch of work I just did on my car, so Im not gonna up my bid.

    Thanks anyway

    PS How much did you end up oaying for yours??
  3. I copped it for $458 which was just a little bit higher than most that have been sold since. The only one like it that has been on ebay was the one with the aftermarket bridge. BUT I was not going to be denied! My opponent was stymied by my proxy bid since I was ready to go to $600 just to have it.