Attrib. 1966 Fender Jazz Bass pickups set

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Snaxster, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Just in, this pair of Jazz Bass pickups that I believe is a set. My casual research attributes them to 1966 Fender make. I welcome corrections, as I would like to learn, and since in any case I will be happy with this set.

    These pickups are not date stamped. The only recognizable markings are repeated handwritten "F" on one and "B" on the other, and some symbol or character between the lugs for the leads, all apparently in pencil. Maybe the "F" and "B" stand for "forward" and "backward", indicating the directions of the winding.

    L1110422_v1.jpg L1110417_v1.jpg L1110423_v1.jpg L1110426_v1.jpg L1110427_v1.jpg L1110440_v1.jpg

    Preserving in storage their original short, cloth covered leads, I decided to replace them with new, long cloth leads. I almost ruined the bridge pickup doing so, but I saved it. I measured these pickups at 7.67K neck, 9.06K bridge. On installing them, I found them to be out of phase with each other. Swapping one pickup's leads at its pot put the two pickups in phase.

    This pair included covers, mounting screws, and gooey, black foam pads. The stock screws in my Fender Custom Shop '64 Jazz Bass NOS would not fit in some of these covers' holes, so I used the original screws all around.

    These pickups sound like everything I have heard they should, similar to aspects of various contemporary pickups I own, and yet unlike any pickups I own. Also their plain enamel coil wire looks unlike any other I happen to have, being more dark pink or salmon in color rather than dark blackish-purple.

    How do these pickups sound, particularly? They sound like the end of my quest for single coil Jazz Bass pickups. In terms of finding the limit, I am done.

    I will still play and admire the other fine Jazz Bass-type pickups I own (Bullock, Cavalier, Dawgtown Custom Shop, Florance, Flying Mojo, Klein, O.C. Duff, Seymour Duncan Antiquity, SME). 50 years from now, someone else will play them and marvel at the high craft of bygone years.

    But today it is my turn to be amazed, and it is my time to be answered. If pre-CBS Jazz Bass pickups sound and feel even better than this set, then I will have them to look forward to. For now, however, I will give Jazz Bass pickups a rest, and search only for early Precision Bass pickups.

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