SOLD Audere Jazz Preamp on a Plate

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    Here’s a Like new Audere 3 band Jazz preamp, completely wired and ready to drop into almost any Jazz Bass by simply removing the existing plate and putting this in it's place. Connect it to the pickups, install a battery, and you're ready to go. I bought this preamp for a bass that I wanted to make active but decided to leave passive.

    I've had these preamps in a number of different basses and still have one in my MIM Jazz 5 and they are stellar. When the controls are set flat you get the pure passive sound of the pickups, no coloration at all. Roll on the Bass, Mid, or Treble control and you get anything from subtle boost or cut, to insane tonal extremes. Unlike many preamps I've tried, the Audere is very organic sounding, nothing harsh or electronic sounding about it.

    Audere ships these with a 3db boost to the gain, meaning when it's run flat your bass sounds the same as passive, but louder. But there are also adjustable gain pots on the circuit board so you can use those to set the output truly flat, boost it a LOT, or cut it. I find the 3db boost it comes with to be perfect.

    Jazz 3B Chrome

    $80.00 ships USPS priority mail.


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